Happy Headline: Group of 800 Volunteers Sew 55,000 Masks for Those in Need Across The Country

June 30, 2020
Sewing Face Masks

Kristina Wong is an actress and comedian in LA and when the pandemic hit, she knew she wanted to do something good. So, Kristina put up a post on FB that said, “If you are immunocompromised or don’t have access to a mask, I’ll make you one. Just reimburse me $5 for the postage.”

Kristina started getting flooded with requests, and needed some help. She, along with 26 volunteers started sewing masks, but the requests started growing more and more. Before she knew it, Kristina's group of 26 volunteers grew to 800 volunteers, and they’ve sewn over 55,000 masks for people in need all across the country in just 3 months! How great is that?

Their group continues to grow, and if you'd like to be apart of it or need a mask, CLICK HERE!