Happy Headline: Autistic High School Student Gets Silent Standing Ovation at Graduation

July 10, 2019

(Getty Images)


I don't know if it's the pregnancy hormones, but this video had me tearing up!

Students at Carmel High School in New York gave their classmate, Jack Higgins, a silent standing ovation when he walked on-stage to receive his diploma. Jack has an extreme form of autism and is very sensitive to loud noises. His parents really wanted him to participate in the graduation ceremony, but were afraid that the big crowd and loudness would be too much for him. So, the Higgins got together with one of Jack's teachers and came up with a plan. When it was Jack's turn to receieve his diploma, students and everyone in attendance would remain quiet.

What Jack's parents didn't expect during their son's big moment was the silent standing ovation his fellow classmates gave him. As Jack was walking across the stage, the students all stood up and gave him a silent golf clap.

Skip to the 4:14 mark to see the very sweet moment below.