Dorothy's Wedding Wednesday: Our First Big Wedding Fight

April 11, 2018

In general, I'm a pretty chill person so whenever anybody told me that wedding planning was "super stressful" and "you will fight with your fiance," I didn't want to believe it.  I was like, "Nah. That's not going to be me and Steven. We're really chill about things, and are really open with each other," but boy was I wrong. LOL.

Wedding planning is REALLY stressful, and we did end up having our first big fight last week! 

Before we get to the fight, let me catch you up on what's been happening: We had to change our venue and wedding date last week. Changing things up a little over 3 months from your wedding date is NOT fun.

A lot of venues that I had previously looked at are already booked through the summer. I also have a giant guest list so that made the venue search even harder, plus a lot of our family and friends already bought plane tickets for our original wedding weekend. Long story short, our wedding will now be on Friday, July 13th at the Marina Village. 

With that being said, the other night Steven came home and told me that he invited one of our friends to the wedding. He didn't think it'd be a big deal, but I freaked out.

I couldn't believe that he would just willy-nilly (yes, I said those exact words lol) invite someone to our wedding without bringing it up to me first. Who does that?!?!

We already had a lot of stress because of the venue change, plus I've been stressed out dealing with my parents who want to do our wedding their way... This was the last thing I wanted to hear that night. 

Steven feels like he doesn't have a lot of people on his invite list as it is, and his family is not that big, so what's one more person? My family is going to be 1/3 of the invite list, so I completely understand him wanting to invite someone to even-out the guest list, but at that moment (at 12:30a on a work night) I. COULD. NOT. HANDLE. IT! 

I, legit, was so mad that I went and slept on the couch that night! 

What made me the most upset was the lack of communication we had. We can't be planning a 300-person wedding and not communicate. That's when things start to fall apart. 

After a night of going to bed angry, and a morning filled with short answers, Steven and I got home from work and were able to talk about it. We both calmed down and saw each other's point of views. I told him he can invite whomever he likes, we just have to talk about it before he extends that invite :)