Dorothy's Wedding Wednesday: Getting into Wedding Shape

Time to get toned!

February 28, 2018

February 28, 2018

I’ve got 136 days to go until the wedding, which means I only have 4 months and some change to get into the Wedding shape!

I don’t want to drastically lose weight, but I’d like to tone up and get back to where I was before I gained some relationship weight (it happens to all of us, right?!). I was around 135 lbs, working out every day doing boxing, Muay Thai kickboxing, or weight training, but that routine has definitely declined.

As of today, I’m 147 lbs and I want to get back to being fit and eating healthy. Sometimes it’s hard to get that motivation to get up and work out. So, I started a little Wedding Workout Group with a few of my friends. We’re going to meet with a couple times a week for a private personal training session with my friend Michael over at The Movement Warehouse in PB.

We had our first session on Monday and my body is STILL sore! Sore in a good way though. On top of the PT sessions, I need to get my butt back into boxing/kickboxing at The Boxing Club. I had a lot of fun learning that sport and I felt like a badass!  

I know working out isn’t the only key to getting fit, it’s also about healthy eating. I’m trying to not eat out as much and cook more at home. If you’ve got any healthy recipes, I’d love to try it! Email me:

Anyways, if you’d like to go on this fitness journey with me, please do! Knowing that there’s someone else out there who’s on the same journey will definitely help keep me accountable. From here on out at the end of every Wedding Wednesday blog, I’ll include a workout update. :) 

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