60 Seconds to Better Health: Stroke Awareness

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May 1, 2018

A stroke is an injury to the brain and Dr. Stephen Capon, assistant medical director for Kaiser Permanente wants to share some information with you.

The most common cause is a blockage in blood flow to a portion of the brain.  When it comes to this disease, time can be an important factor, because the sooner that medical care can be delivered, the better the chances of minimizing permanent disability, or even saving a life.

Use the term BEFAST to help identify individuals who might be having a stroke. 

B – is Balance:   Look for a sudden loss of coordination and balance

E – is Eyes:   Is there a sudden loss or a change in vision?

F – is Face:   Ask the person to smile.  Does one side of the face droop?

A – is Arms:   Is there weakness or tingling especially in one arm only? 

S – is Speech:  Is it slurred or sound different?

And T – is Time:  When it comes to stroke, we say that TIME IS BRAIN.  Remember, every minute can count.   So if you suspect a stroke, don’t wait, call 911 right away.