60 Seconds to Better Health: Men's Health

This content is sponsored by Kaiser Permanente

June 1, 2018

This is Dr. Jacob Boone with Kaiser Permanente San Diego talking to you today about Men's Health. 

Remember, your health plays a role in everything you do, whether you're on the job, at the gym, or out with family and friends. You want to be fit, sharp, and at the top of your game at every stage of life. That's why prevention is so important. Don't wait until you feel sick to see your doctor. Sometimes the best time to see your doctor is when you're feeling healthy because you can catch early signs of disease and make small changes to your lifestyle to stay healthy. 

Screenings for blood pressure, cholesterol, colorectal and prostate cancer are important steps you can take to making healthy changes. For more information on Men's Health, visit KP.org.