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Here's How To Get Free Starbucks Coffee In January.

The perfect way to start 2019 is to get free coffee!! Starbucks is now selling a new 16 ounce tumbler(the Brewed Refill Tumbler) that you can use to get a free Grande hot coffee or tea every single day in January. You read right every day ! The tumbler is a bit pricey but could be worth it. It will... Read More

SCREENSHOTS: Favorite Holiday Movie By State

The folks over at have put together a list of which Holiday movies are our favorite in each state. To do so they took a list of the “ 50 Best Christmas Movies of All Time ” from Thrillist and processed it through Google Trends to determine the most-searched Christmas film in each... Read More

How Much Did Beyoncé Charge To Play A Pre-Wedding Party?

There is rich, and then there is "I got Beyoncé to play my daughter's wedding" rich. Mukesh Ambani is the latter, checking in at a net worth of 45.1 billion dollars. His oil and gas company makes him the richest man in India, and when it came time for his daughter to get married, Ambani did some... Read More

Kate Captures Goldie Hawn & Kurt Russell - Adoring Grandparents

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell have eyes only for Rani Rose, their newest granddaughter. Rani's mom, Kate Hudson, captured this intimate moment between family members over the weekend. Rani was born to Hudson and boyfriend Danny Fujikawa in October. Grandma and Grandpa duty...or should I say Mr and... Read More

Spice Girl Mel B cancels event after severe injury, surgery

LONDON (AP) — Spice Girl Melanie Brown has suffered an unexplained injury in New York that required surgery to prevent her from losing her hand. Brown said online Monday she needed three hours of surgery to repair damage to her hand. She also said she suffered two broken ribs. She posted a... Read More

Help Your Child Create the Perfect Letter For Santa

Do you have a child looking to address a letter to the North Pole? Well, Santa Claus needs ideas of what to get your little boy or girl for Christmas this year and time is running out. We have found the perfect template for kids of all ages to create their wish list this year (as long as they're on... Read More