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Selena Mac cosmetics

MAC Is Releasing A Second Selena Collection

When the first line of the Selena inspired beauty line launched in 2016 it sold out quickly. History will probably repeat itself this coming April when MAC launches a "sequel" of the beauty line. Its a limited edition line up inspired by her favorite shades. The legend lives on. A NEW Selena... Read More

African American Art in San Diego: Culture and Accessibility

For Gaidi Finnie art is a microcosm of the world and a way to ground oneself in culture. As the city of San Diego changes and the African American population declines, Finnie is dedicated to keeping the African American art experience accessible through the San Diego African American Museum of Fine... Read More
Kensington Sign

San Diego Landmark Ken Cinema No More?

As a long time resident of San Diego and a former resident of one of San Diego's best kept secrets, Kensington, it saddens me to hear that the Ken Cinema will be closing it's doors. It's my understanding that the Ken has been losing money 6 of the past 7 years and the company that has been leasing... Read More
star wars

I Went On Rise Of The Resistance!!

I have been a passholder at the Disneyland Resort since 2002 so I can easily say I pretty much know everything there is to know. But, with the new Galaxy's Edge ride I knew nothing. So, Sunday we woke up very early to find out about it. We got to the parkinglot at 6:45 and there was already a long... Read More
plate of donuts

KyXy Quik Tip: For Your Staff Meeting!

Try this before your staff meeting. Eat a donut before you go into the conference room. A study shows a breakfast that includes fatty treats actually improves your memory. Why? The brain treats fat, as fuel that it can access instantly. Read More
peeps pancakes

Peeps Pancakes - Anyone?

You either love them or hate them and its that time of year they are back. Peeps!! Available now Peep shaped pancakes without the taste of peeps. It's a pancake mix and skillet for about $18.00 on Amazon. Check it out here. It’s a Peep, so it’s the worst pancake of all time. The second one is a... Read More
Baby Yoda

Baby Yoda Merch!

Alot of people including myself absolutely love Baby Yoda and now we finally have merch!!! Check out the video below. I warn you before you fall in love with the animatronic Baby Yoda...its already sold out. Video of First look at the brand-new Baby Yoda toys l GMA Read More
Girl Scout Cookies

Rob and Joss: WHAT did that Girl Scout say?

Joss ran in to some Girl Scouts selling cookies. Joss was a Girl she remembers a thing or two about the process...and she thinks this particular scout might need to work on her sales presentation a bit. Read More
Airplane Seats

Rob and Joss: Airplanes and their Seats

You may have heard the story about Wendi Williams on the American Airlines flight who reclined her seat, only to have it repeatedly punched by the guy behind her. KyXy listeners chime in about the crazy, rude and strange things people have done on airplanes! Read More