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Happy Batman Day! #BatmanDay

Holy Caped Crusaders Batman! Today, September 21st is Batman Day! Famous Buildings are lighting up, free comic books, free video games and more are available today to celebrate Batman. Long live Batman! Honor the legend of the Dark Knight this #BatmanDay on 9/21. #Batman80 #LongLiveTheBat pic... Read More

Halloween Trees

A friend of mine sent me a pic earlier today of a Halloween tree. Apparently, this is a new trend where people use their Christmas tree and decorate it with Halloween fun. Click here for the story.. Halloween tree is up ----------☠️ A post shared by Jessica Mullins, RDH (@hygienistjessica7712) on... Read More

Happy #TalkLikeAPirateDay!

Happy #TalkLikeAPirateDay! Yes everyday of the year could have some day or something celebrated, and yes it's get annoying when we celebrate EVERY day for something......but it's #TalkLikeAPirateDay! It's about having fun. It's about lame dad jokes on your coworkers like "What's a Pirates favorite... Read More

Kelly's Dog Blog — Acquiring Kenzie

Sometimes it’s not about replacements; it’s about filling the hole in your heart. We lost our Miniature Schnauzer Maggie suddenly this past July, due to stroke-related issues. Adding to our heartbreak was the fact that she was only two months shy of eleven years old. We have always had at least one... Read More

Would you like some Cheez- It Pizza?

Pizza Hut is now selling Cheez-It Pizza for a limited time. Each square is formulated pizza dough and baked with the same cheesy dust used in Cheez-Its. The squares even look like crackers! Pizza Hut Is Selling Giant Stuffed Cheez-Its For A Limited Time And We're OBSESSED —... Read More