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Mission Fed June moment

Mission Fed Moment: San Diego Food Bank Match

Thank you, San Diego, for continuing to take care of each other. On behalf of Debra Schwartz, President and CEO of Mission Federal Credit Union, we would like to share the results of our San Diego Food Bank Match campaign. During the month of April, YOUR generosity helped raise over $360,0000, a... Read More
Class of 2020 Miramar

WATCH KyXy's Class of 2020 Virtual Graduation

The big day finally arrived! Over the past month and a half we've asked you guys to help us honor and highlight the graduating class of 2020. Thank you for submitting a photo of your child and sending them sweet messages. Now, we are proud to give you the #KYXYClassOf2020 Virtual Graduation... Read More

La Mesa Protest Shuts Down 8 Freeway

UPDATE 5/20/20 6:17PM Tear gas has been deployed as windows have been broken at La Mesa PD Headquarters. ________________________________________________________________ All across the country this week demonstrators have taken to the streets to protest police brutality and the injustices against... Read More

KYXY's Class of 2020 Graduating College Seniors!

KyXy's Class of 2020, presented by San Diego Miramar College, has been honoring graduating seniors. We'd like to take a moment to highlight all of the graduating college seniors! Check out all of the students who've made their parents and families so proud. My daughter Camryn Force is from Santee,... Read More
kobey's swap meet open

Kobey's Swap Meet Is Open

Kobey's Swap Meet is opening this weekend for the first time since it shut down in March. It is right now till 3p.m. and for the weekend it will be open 7am to 3pm. San Diego health guidelines will apply and the booths are also spaced further apart. Read More
Vendor offer drive thru in del mar parking lot

Vendors Offering Drive Thru At Fairgrounds

No fair this year and one of things we love about the fair is the food. Well, you can still have some of the food from the fair....a few of the vendors are offering drive thru service in the parking lot of the fairgrounds to make ends meet. Roxy's Restaurant, California Corn Dog Company and the... Read More
family out for a walk

Here's A KyXy Quik Tip: Take A Walk!

Feeling stressed? Take a break, and walk with someone in your quarantine bubble, and talk about your problems. It helps your brain in three ways – moving, socializing, and releasing stress. Doing these three things together detoxifies your brain, helping you think more clearly. Read More
burger, fries

Memorial Day Food Deals Near You!

Some great food deals for Memorial Day include... Baskin-Robbins is selling DIY sundae kits for $24.99. You can order the kits online or through the BR app. Bonefish Grill says anyone who purchases a gift card online, receives a 15% discount through June 6. On Monday, Chili's said one-half order of... Read More
Fedex driver delivery for boy to Tony Hawk

Fedex Driver Helps Boy With A Special Delivery To Tony Hawk

A feel good local story.... Thanks to an amazing Fedex delivery worker a young boy will be able to get his skate board delivered to Tony Hawk! Shout out to the Fedex deliver worker!! You made tear up.... Video of Tony Hawk Special Delivery via FedEx Driver | World of X Games Read More

Are You Still Waiting For Your Stimulus Check?

Are you still waiting for your stimulus check? Well, this might help you get some answers.... The IRS has started taking calls. About 3,500 IRS workers are back answering the phones. When you call you'll get a recorded message and then you do have the option to talk to somebody but there will still... Read More