Man Drives Stolen Firetruck to Nearby Bar With Sirens Flashing

July 1, 2020

Photo credit (Photo by Getty Images)

Dawson Cody Porter, an Alaskan man, just couldn't wait to get to the bar.

The 22-year-old drove up to Fisherman’s Bar in Naknek, but his mode of transportation has landed him in a little bit of hot water, reported the New York Daily News.

Porter broke into the unoccupied King Salmon Fire Station, and drove a STOLEN firetruck through the station's closed bay doors all the way to the bar, located 15 miles away. Porter also had the lights on and sirens flashing the entire way.

Bristol Bay Borough police arrested Porter outside of the bar, and he now faces charges of burglary, vehicle theft and criminal mischief. He is also accused of violating release conditions related to a previous arrest