Ava Max discusses the importance of voting: 'We have a voice!'

Has Ava voted yet, and has she taken a selfie with the 'I Voted' sticker?!

October 27, 2020

Ava Max was the latest guest to join RADIO.COM's Karson & Kennedy at Boston's Mix 104.1.

This year's election is going to be like no other, and with the November 3 date only one week away it's important that everyone gets out and exercises their right to vote. "It's our duty as an American," Ava told Karson. "We have a voice, we can put what we want. Isn't that amazing? We get to decide!"

The importance of voting is something that was instilled in her as a child. "My parents, they were immigrants and now they are American citizens. So, they're very, very proud to vote and they always encouraged me to vote. My dad is proud to be an American citizen, even though he's originally Albanian."

Has Ava Max voted yet, and has she taken a selfie with the 'I Voted' sticker?! "We're going to go together! My managers and I are going to go together," she says.

Are you registered and ready to vote? Make sure your vote counts on Election Day (Tuesday, Nov. 3) by visiting Vote411.org.

Ava recently dropped her fantastic debut album Heaven & Hell featuring the songs "Sweet But Psycho," "Kings & Queens," "OMG What's Happening," and more. On top of this she also dropped a brand new Christmas song, titled "Christmas Without You," and it will definitely be making your holiday playlists.

"It's funny this song happened randomly with Gian Stone, Cirkut, & Sam Martin... in two weeks it was done," Ava explains. "We thought we were going to release it next year to be honest!" Thankfully she delivered us this special treat this year because now we all could get into the exciting holiday spirit early. "It happened so quickly that we're like, 'let's put it out right now!'"

Avatars already have something to look forward to in 2020, as she delivered a suggestive wink into the camera, Ava highlighted that next year maybe there will be a music video for the track.

Check out Ava Max's full interview with Karson below.

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