Sherry's Blog: How to Attend an 'America's Got Talent' Taping

Here's how you get on the live show!

March 12, 2018

Photo by Sherry Knight

In the past year we, as a family, decided that we will try and go to tv show tapings. Living so close to L.A., a lot of us don't take advantage of this Southern California perk that is available to us. 

So, last summer I signed up for several show tapings, and trust me, they are sometimes quite difficult to get into, especially because a lot of them are during the week and there are a lot of age requirements (my daughters are still too young for a lot of them.) Still, we have been able to go to several Netflix tapings, my daughters were able to go to the Teen Choice Teen Fest, and yesterday we were able to go to a taping of America's Got Talent, and I have a few more shows lined up.

Photo by Sherry Knight

Let me explain, there are no guarantees that you will be able to go into a taping. The first time we went, we drove right after school, and even got a hotel, and we didn't get into the taping because they were full. We did get priority tickets for the next one. Though I was very upset about all the trouble that we went through without being able to get in, I drove us to the next taping. We got in and it was such a wonderful experience!

It was for the Netflix show Alexa and Kate. We were fed sandwiches right when we got there, and now we know that next time to make sure we eat more before we go - We were there for about 5  hours. 

It was long but very interesting to see how the tv show process works. A show host entertained the audience in between breaks and gave away free stuff, as well. Sometimes they would do a take more than five times to get it right or to have options. We learned that some of these live shows do taping outside the live studio audience and then pick it up in the studio later. I don't know if all shows do this, but after the show, the cast came to us for pics, which my girls enjoyed.

Photo by Sherry Knight

Now, fast forward to yesterday and the taping of America's Got Talent. Since we have been to several tapings and events we were able to get priority tickets, which are the best because they guarantee you are getting in. 

So, we drove up to Pasadena and spent four hours at the Civic Center, but mostly waiting. I won't mention which judge, but one of the judges wasn't feeling well, and we were waiting for that judge to show up. They had a show host that did his best to keep us upbeat with entertainment and free stuff, but after awhile we (us and the audience) did get rowdy because it was taking so long. We did get to see, before the taping, a "pickup" of a golden buzzer winner and they did bring out some other acts whom they needed extra camera time for, so that was cool. 

When the show finally started we saw the judges walk in and that judge who was late apologized to all of us and then the show began. It was an amazing experience, and though I was getting frustrated because it was taking so long my daughters had fun. 

Photo by Sherry Knight

So, how do we do this? There are a lot of websites you can go to to get free tickets to shows. Just Google "free tv show tickets." 

 Here are a few sites you can use. Make sure you read the guidelines carefully.