Dorothy's Wedding Wednesday: We Have A Date & Venue!

February 7, 2018
Dorothy and Fiance on a boat

Photo by Dorothy Tran

February 7, 2018 The wedding date has been set and we have our location confirmed!!!!

In 157 days, Steven and I will be getting married on July 14, 2018!! That’s a little over 5 months and although I feel like I should be freaking out and stressing about it, I’m not. I’m a Vietnamese-American, and growing up I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do the traditional Vietnamese wedding. My parents are immigrants and when we were kids, my four sisters and I would have to be dragged to Vietnamese school every Saturday morning. It was there that we learned to read & write Vietnamese as well as learn about our history and culture.

I hated it as a kid.

I just wanted the day off from school and do all the normal things that American kids did. However, as I got older I realized more and more how lucky and fortunate I was that my parents did that. There would be certain things about being Vietnamese that I would be embarrassed about as a kid, but now I wear it all with pride. I’m so grateful to my parents for what they did. It became important for me to include family’s culture on my big day. So, we’re going to do the traditional Vietnamese wedding mixed with some American traditions.

So, what exactly is a Vietnamese wedding? Well, it’s an all-day affair that starts out in the morning with the groom and his family coming over to the bride’s family home. The groom’s family brings along 7 big gift boxes, which are covered with a red cloth for good luck. Then, there’s a tea ceremony in which the bride and groom serve tea to the parents and elders of the family. In exchange, they give their blessing and well wishes to the bride and groom. After that, everyone goes back to the groom’s family to have lunch. After the morning celebration, everyone gets to rest for a couple of hours. Then the wedding ceremony will happen, followed by the reception.

At the reception guests get a 10-course meal of BOMB Vietnamese food. The bride and groom go around to every table to thank their guests for coming, and the huge party ensues. There are 3 outfit changes for the bride (the traditional Vietnamese dress called an “áo dài,” the wedding dress, and the cake cutting dress. Since the proposal, I’ve been looking for locations all over San Diego that would accommodate a 250 person, Vietnamese wedding.

Unfortunately, the Chinese restaurant that I wanted to do it is closing down. I didn’t really like the other Vietnamese restaurants I saw, so we had to keep looking. Then Steven’s parents brought up the San Diego Yacht club. Steven’s brother got married there a couple of years ago and it was a beautiful reception.

After going in and talking to the catering office, I felt comfortable that we could do our wedding there. They were really accommodating with the number of guests we’ll be having, and even though they don’t serve Vietnamese food they’re willing to create a Vietnamese menu for us. (I can’t wait for the menu tasting!!) Now that we have a venue and date, the rest doesn’t seem so stressful. One of my friends is a DJ and he’s going to do our wedding. We have another friend who is a photographer, another who is a make-up artist. I found my wedding dress already.

Next on my To-Do list: find a florist, a cake, find a hotel for our wedding block and bridal suite, and everything else lol