Hula's Review of Hamilton, the Musical!

January 10, 2018
By now you know that "Hamilton, the Musical" is here in San Diego through the end of January? Well, last night, I got a chance to see it and the question is....Is it worth the hype? If you don't know about Hamilton, it is a musical based on the life of Alexander Hamilton who is one of the founding fathers of the United States. I know what you are thinking... a musical about HISTORY? That is what I walked in thinking but this is beyond a musical, it is a PHENOMENON and my wife and I loved it! I really didn't know much about Alexander Hamilton except for the fact that he was on our $10 bill and that Aaron Burr shot him (thanks to the old school milk commercial). However, I kept an open mind and was thoroughly entertained. I think the hype is about the fact that it's a musical done using rap and hip-hop. If you are a musical theater fan, you will love how inventive this musical is and how they tell the story! So, to answer the question above...YES, it is worth the hype! Make sure to check it out sometime through the end of January and if you are looking for tickets, try the Hamilton lottery here: