Sherry's Blog: My trip to England

December 28, 2017
My side of the family has never had a Christmas together and my mom told me that was her wish. So, with a little bit of online searching and working out our schedules, we decided this will be the year it happens. My brother is stationed in England, so he decided to make our first Christmas together there, since the majority of us have never been there. Here are some terms they use over there: elevator = lift fries = chips wonky= not right loo= toilet nosh= food brilliant= great lemonade= sprite(this one confused us for awhile) There are more but wanted to get to the pics of what we did. It did rain everyday we were there, but that didn't stop us, and I had so many people comment on how much they like my accent :).  Mind you, what is more important is that my side of the family had our very first Christmas together and we did it with the Christmas tree that has been around for 48 years. Here are the pics from my trip:
Tower of London

Diagon Alley

Harry Potter

Platform from Harry Potter

Shakespeare's Globe Theater

Westminster Abbey

London Eye

The Queen's Guard

Warwick Castle 1068


Family with the Christmas tree