Holiday of Miracles Patient Story: Reagan

December 12, 2017
By Reagan's Mom Raegan is a lovable almost four-year-old (December). She likes to be treated like a big kid toddler and make her own decisions. Like her peers she enjoys dancing to 'elmo slide', running at the beach, swimming, playing at the park, traveling to new places and meeting new friends. Her favorite animal and best friend is Mr. Monkey. Raegan also has Rett Syndrome. She was diagnosed early, at 2 1/2 years old, after noticeable speech and physical delays prompted genetic testing. For the past year, Raegan has fought to keep doing the things most around her take for granted. Standing, walking, running, dancing, holding toys, controlling her ipad, saying mom and dad and communicating what she wants when she wants it. She struggled with seizures, nights without sleep, tightening muscles, and overall loss of control of her body little by little. Throughout her trials- she never gave up and always managed to lock eyes with those around her and at times force a smile. She turned her frustration at not being able to dance into motivation that saw her through the toughest times. Things no toddler should ever have to deal with. Her strength, reliance and love is truly an inspiration that inspires us as parents and everyone she encounters. Now Raegan is adjusting to her new normal and continuing each day to improve, learn and grow and we are excited to help her achieve any and all she sets her mind to do with the support of doctors, therapists, and the community at large. Holiday of Miracles takes place December 13th & 14th. Call 1-800-258-0007 to make a donation or visit for more information.