Holiday of Miracles Patient Story: Curtis

December 12, 2017
CURTIS Diagnosis: Kawasaki Disease Age: 2 Parents: Martha - Diagnosed on October 18, 2016. - Was put on life support because his body was tired of fighting. - “It was very hard. We made a lot of tough decisions in the hospital. We had to stay positive and strong for him. I didn’t leave his side and he pulled through.” - They are so thankful for everyone at Rady Children’s. As mom begins to tell Curtis’ story, she takes a moment to catch herself. It still brings her to tears. “We went through a struggle and almost lost him.” She shares. On October 18, 2016, they went to the doctors office for their 7-year-old that they thought had an earache. It turned out Curtis was the one with an earache and he was given amoxicillin. Four days later, he had gotten worse. After first going to another hospital they eventually brought him to Rady Children’s once their efforts failed and he seemed lifeless, out of it. He had a high fever, was vomiting, had red eyes and a rash. Had four Kawasaki Disease signs. Once they arrived in the Rady Children’s Emergency Room, he was immediately diagnosed with Kawasaki Disease. Twenty doctors appeared and he was sent to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). His parents couldn’t even go into the room with him. They were told he had to be put on life support because his body was tired of fighting and the machines would let him rest. He was on life support for two days. After 14 hours he was a fighting machine, giving extra breaths. But Curtis pulled through and is doing well today. “Dr. Jane Burns has apparently never seen someone in that bad of a state and come out cured.” Mom said. Today, Curtis is described as “Perfectly healthy”.