[HELP] Lilac Fire Status and More - Fire Readiness

December 7, 2017
Fueled by Santa Ana winds, multiple wild fires are burning in portions of Southern California.  Some updates as of 12/7:
  • The Lilac Fire began shortly after 11am on 12/7, 1,000 acres burned, evacuations in effect, some structures burned, no containment. Location is Old Hwy 395 at Dulin Road, Bonsall.  Mandatory Evacuations in the area of W. Lilac Rd. & Sullivan Middle School.  Evacuation Warnings are in effect: North of Pala Rd. South of Reche Rd. West of I-15 Freeway East of Green Canyon Rd. & W. Mission Rd.  Three Temporary evacuation shelters have been set up: Fallbrook High School, Pechanga Casino, and Pala Casino.
  • The Thomas fire in Ventura County has grown to over 97,000 acres and is at 5% containment.  At least 150 structures have been destroyed.
  • The Skirball fire in Los Angeles has burned 475 acres with no containment estimate at this time.
  • Nearly 12,605 acres has burned in the Creek fire around Tujunga and Sunland.  10% containment, as of 12/7 at 8:17am.
  • The Rye Fire in west Valencia has burned 7,000 acres with 15% containment.
https://twitter.com/NWSSanDiego/status/938784194955808769 Are you prepared if wild fire should strike near your home?  Do you know what to take if you're evacuated and where you would go in an emergency?  Are you prepared to evacuate pets? For more information about fire preparedness, visit READYFORWILDFIRE.ORG. To donate to relief efforts CLICK HERE. For the latest on Southern California wild fires and the incidents that are currently being worked by Cal Fire, visit their incident page here. “During this critical fire weather, we are asking residents to be alert and take extra precautions to avoid inadvertently sparking a wildfire,” said Kendal Bortisser, public information officer for San Diego County Fire and CAL FIRE. These activities are often restricted or at least strongly discouraged:
  • Never mow or trim dry grass during a red flag warning because a power tool could spark on a rock and start a grass fire. It is not recommended even on windy, dry, hot days.
  • No wood or charcoal camp fires in forests during periods of high fire danger. Restrictions such as this one are often communicated on the Cleveland National Forest page.
  • Be careful with discarding smoking material. Note, smoking may be prohibited in forests during periods of high fire danger.
  • Don’t pull your vehicle over in grass as it can spark a grass fire. If necessary, pull over on paved roads.
  • Use spark arrestors on portable gasoline powered equipment to avoid an accidental fire.
  • Properly maintain vehicles to prevent starting fires along roads due to sparks or flammable materials being spit out from the catalytic converter system.
  • Ensure trailer chains don’t drag on the ground and spark.
  • Shooting of firearms is unsafe during periods of high fire hazards in County areas.
  • Use extreme caution with welding or blowtorch projects. Again, this activity may be restricted in forest areas during elevated fire conditions.
  • Burning plant cuttings on high fire danger days is unsafe. To learn if it is a “No Burn Day,” visit CAL FIRE.