Hot Cheetos Turkey......Oh my!

November 17, 2017
We are all familiar with the usual Thanksgiving foods -Mashed potatoes, cranberries, corn, and of course TURKEY. I am hungry just thinking about it. If you want to spice up your Thanksgiving meal (literally) or just want to try something new, I have something you might be interested in. Hot Cheetos Turkey. Yes, Hot Cheetos Turkey. I found this recipe at First, grab a few bags of Hot Cheetos and crush it up in a food processor, or place them in a zip-top bag and smash them with a rolling pin. Second, brush the turkey with oil or butter, then coat with the crushed chips.

Add a teaspoon of flour to an oven bag (Reynolds makes a BPA-free one made of nylon-resin instead of plastic), then place the bird in the bag and into a large roasting pan. You'll want to close the bag with a nylon tie and make 1/2-inch slits in the bag (about six will do) before putting it in the oven. I have a hard time eating just one I can't imagine a whole turkey flavored with it, BUT if you can handle it enjoy!  Let me know how it goes!