Sherry's Blog: I Took My Daughter to see 'Hamilton'My daughter Alexis has been obsessed with "Hamilton" for three years.
Sherry's Blog: My trip to EnglandSherry Knight celebrated Christmas in England!
My Husband and His Unit Deployed to the Santa Rosa WildfiresMy husband came back last night, and as we were sitting down to dinner I could see that he was very tired, and he started telling us stories. Here are a few of them.....
10 Scariest Haunts in Southern CaliforniaGuess which San Diego haunts made the list.
Sherry's Blog: Music is Life to My GirlsI saw this quote a few weeks ago:  "I am a teenager and my music will tell you more about me than my mouth ever could."
Sherry's Blog: Teacher by Day, DJ by Night.How do I do it? Lots of coffee, a husband that helps me a lot, and the joy of  being a teacher and a DJ.
Girl Uses Photoshop to Replace Ex With Ryan Reynolds in Prom PicsHer Photoshop skills were so on point that Ryan Reynolds RESPONDED! Swoon!
Sherry's Blog: Remembering PrinceI got to "meet" Prince, way back in the day, when he stopped using the name Prince.
The San Diego Zoo Needs Your Vote!Last time I checked we were at number 8. Let's help the zoo out, San Diego!
Sherry's Blog: The First Christmas My girls knew Santa Wasn't RealI have to be honest, I started to cry.
Sherry Knight: I met Rick Springfield!We posed for the picture and I felt like I was dreaming because here I am, with his arm around me.
Facebooking Mom Receives Anonymous Letter to Please: SHUT UP!

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