Sara's Blog: Global Winter WonderlandThis content is sponsored by Global Winter Wonderland.
Sara's Blog: Exploring the Mushroom CavesChecked another family adventure off the list!
Sara's Blog: The MOST Awesome Thing Happened!We got a shout-out from THE REAL JEM!
Sara's Blog: Almost Showtime SynergyI think I may have bit off more Halloween than I can chew :/
Sara's Blog: Catalina Island GetawayMy husband and I celebrated our 10-year wedding anniversary on Catalina Island!
Sara's Blog: National Pug Day!Wishing smooshy faced, snorting, loud-snoring Pugs everywhere the happiest of days! #PugLife
Sara's Blog: Jason Mraz or Kenny G?I learned a few things about Jason Mraz and one very important thing about myself after the concert.
Sara's Blog: The AJ Mornings Wives G.N.O.Nights like these are about so much more than making wreaths.
Sara's Blog: Easy Peasy Pumpkin DecoratingThis year's pumpkins aren't going to win me any Pinterest awards for their level of DIY difficulty but that's ok because they are super cute!
Sara's Blog: The BEST Under $5 WineCHEERS! SALUD! PROST! SANTE!
Sara's Blog: My Mama Always Said...My mom taught me to NEVER return a tupperware empty. What did your mom tell you to ALWAYS or NEVER do? I'd love to hear the advice from your mama!
Sara's Blog: Halo Top Ice Cream ReviewCheck out how 7 Halo Top ice cream flavors ranked in my taste test, I was shocked by what came in last!

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