How Chelsea King and Amber Dubois Changed My LifeI GIVE, because I want to remember Chelsea and Amber together. They taught me how to live my life.
VIDEO: In the 90's Jeff and Jer Got Taken to 'People's Court' (Yes, This is REAL)That hair though, Tommy.... Ahahaha! By the way, how amazing do Jeff and Jer look??
Little Tommy’s Breaking and Entering Christmas 2016!It’s time again for Little Tommy’s Breaking and Entering Christmas!
Medifast - Thank You To All My CounselorsI couldn't have done all that I have accomplished with my weight goals and getting healthy without my counselors.
Tommy's Looks Back on His Medifast Weight LossNovember 2011 was a big turning point in my life. It was just a few weeks after my mom died and I just wanted to live a healthier life.
Being Nice: Tommy Buys Breakfast at Denny'sWe must say, one of our favorite parts of "Being Nice" is trying to figure out who Tommy is going to choose.
Medifast - The New And Improved Martin MannMay I introduce to you the new and improved Martin Mann! WOW!
Being Nice: Tommy Buys Groceries for a StrangerThe universe found Little Tommy the two perfect ladies to buy groceries for!
Being Nice: Tommy Buys Lunch
Being Nice: Tommy Goes Back to Castle Park High School with Roses!This week, Tommy went home to his old high school in Chula Vista!
Little Tommy Goes Up With The Blue Angels, Or Did He?Little Tommy goes into the Danger Zone.
Being Nice, Day 14: Tommy Salutes Single Moms in Honor of His Mom RosaTommy's mom, Rosa went to heaven 5-years ago.

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