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[VIDEO] Wife Carrying Contest?

The husband must carrying his wife through an obstacle course, including sand traps, the “widow-maker” water hazard, and log jumping.


Hot Weather Prompts Minimum Day Tomorrow For Some San Diego Schools

Today was the first day back for many students in the San Diego Unified School District, and already this first week of school is getting shorter. Due to hot temperatures, 50 schools in the district are having a minimum day tomorrow. Time to change your work schedules to pick up your little ones. According to […]


New Star Trek Series Revealed!

By Mark Blackwell At San Diego Comic-Con 2017, Star Trek fans were treated to the details of the brand new Star Trek series: Star Trek Discovery, including the release of a brand new trailer: 50 years after the original Star Trek was beamed to our television sets, Star Trek Discovery is born. The new series […]


Do You Remember This Childhood Character?

By Mark Blackwell Claymation Star, Gumby, along with Pokey and the other childhood characters make an appearance at a San Diego Comic-Con panel to announce a new comic book series, marking the 60th anniversary of The Gumby Show. Kids graphic novel publisher, Papercutz, has enlisted the help of seasoned writers and cartoonists to bring this […]


Electronic Violinist Lindsey Stirling Launches Comic Book Series at Comic-Con

By Mark Blackwell Lindsey Stirling has set the world on fire as an electronic violinist, with styles ranging from classical to pop and electronic dance music. She caught the attention of TV viewers in 2010 as a contestant on America’s Got Talent and with her debut album. She has gone on to build a huge […]


Take a Break At Comic Con – Be a Super Hero!

By Mark Blackwell Whether you have passes to Comic-Con or you’re just taking in the free activities on the outside, there comes a point where you need to get some air and take a little break from the action. Why not use that time to give something back. You too can be a super hero, […]


Real Life Tony Stark Shows Off His Ironman-Style ExoSuit For Comic-Con Crowds

His suit reaches speeds up to 2,000 miles per hour!


The Black Eyed Peas Comic-Con Connection

Did you know the Black Eyed Peas were creating a graphic novel using augmented reality?


Comic-Con Warmup: Stan Lee’s Many Marvel Movie Cameos

By Mark Blackwell Marvel Comics creator Stan Lee has amazed us for decades with his comic book character creations. The 94 year old Lee has had a hand in bringing some our favorite comic super heroes to life, including Spider-Man, the Hulk, Fantastic Four, X-Men and Daredevil. Although he’s scheduled to attend this year’s Comic-Con […]


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