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MUST WATCH: Latest Hair Cutting Trend Involves an Axe

We do some crazy things all in the name of looking good and trendy. Women especially put themselves through some insane rituals to be hair-free, have smaller waists, or have incredible hair. This latest trend may be one of the scariest trends that I have seen. In fact, one wrong swing with this... Read More

WATCH: Bride Gets Stuck in Elevator During Her Wedding Reception

Imagine being STRANDED in an elevator as your wedding reception is happening about 4 feet away from you? Well, that happened for one Rhode Island bride this past weekend. Melissa Rodger stepped into the elevator with two wedding planners. They were their way to the 18th floor of the Providence, RI... Read More

Dorothy's Wedding Wednesday: The Guest List Problem

February 21, 2018- 143 days to go til the wedding! I’m finding the hardest thing about planning this wedding is getting our guest list in order. The Yacht Club has a max of 270 people, and while that may seem like a lot of people, that’s small by Vietnamese standards. Steven and I made our first... Read More

Joe's Blog: Alcohol Is Better Than Exercising

Once again I need to tell my doctor that I'm doing it right. LOL! I had to do a double take when I read this study posted on 10 News . It's about alcohol being better than exercising and how it decreases your chances of premature death. I'll drink to that... GULP! Read More
Bengal Tiger Cub

Tiger Cub Smuggler Sentenced Today

It's been six months since Moka the Bengal tiger cub was rescued from a would-be-smuggler at the Otay Mesa border crossing. Today, the Riverside County man who tried to bring him over was sentenced to six months in prison. The defendant, 18-year old Victor Luis Valencia pled guilty but argued his... Read More

Joe's Blog: Weekend Adventures With Dad

My wife was out of town over the weekend for a work conference so the kids and I had a crazy fun time! Nothing but ice cream and cake for our meals! HAHA! Not really.... well, close. We were all over. Here's poor Dino waiting for his mama to come home Here we are eating at Red Lobster. We had... Read More

RECIPE: Tasty & Fun Cobb Salad

Cobb Salad is a classic dish, but it can be customizable as well. It's perfect for a casual get together. For vegetarians, simply remove the chicken and bacon, replace with black beans or chick peas. Delicious! We don’t always get the chance to watch a culinary artist make her own recipe but this... Read More
Kathy Bates Lip Sync Battle

Kathy Bates Channels Bruno Mars in 'Lip Sync Battle'

Cheetah print pajamas, gold chains, and chalices, from what we can tell, Kathy Bates slayed her 'Lip Sync Battle' against Tone Bell. The Emmy, Golden Globe, Oscar Award-winning actress made channeling Bruno Mars look like a cakewalk. We certainly wouldn't want to battle her on any stage. Check her... Read More