My husband and I had a much needed date night to see one of our favorite artists, Jason Mraz.

He performed his “Music. Candor. Banter.” show downtown at Spreckels. We got our tickets late, so the only tickets left were in the top row – I mean, tippy top row, against the back wall, mega nosebleed, altitude sickness kind of seats. See how little Jason is in the picture below? Well that was after I zoomed way in!

But it was an INCREDIBLE show with tons of personal story telling, my favorite kind!


jason2 e1508171802951 Saras Blog: Jason Mraz or Kenny G?

I’m pretty sure that was Jason Mraz down there.

Here are a few things I learned about Jason during the “banter” part of his show:

  1. He is FUNNY! He did almost a stand up comedy set to open the show and he’s hilarious and very candid.
  2. The whole avocado farm thing only came to be after he had lived out in the country for a while and realized he had to be responsible for the trees and plants on his property. He learned all about them and now he loves it. He also says San Diego is great place for growing your own food and we should all grow our own bananas
  3. It took him two years to grow his hair out to his chest a few years ago and then he was mistaken for Kenny G so he cut it. He never realized how curly his hair was until he grew it long!

Here’s what I learned about me:

  1. I can no longer walk around downtown with heels on. My feet hurt SO BAD by the time the night was over 🙂



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