I thought, since Halloween is just a few weeks away, maybe you would want to know about actual haunted places in San Diego.  I actually didn’t know about two on this list.

I do have a story to tell, though. A few years ago we visited the Whaley house. We were on the top floor, in one of the rooms (there was a stage in it) and we were curious about what they did in that room.

A woman came up to us, she was dressed in a period costume. She told us about some of the events that were held there and then walked behind a curtain. We then went downstairs, and while talking to another guide, mentioned how the lady upstairs was very helpful. He looked at us weird and said lady? We said, yes, the older lady that was upstairs in one of the rooms, she was wearing glasses.

He said, “We have no woman wearing glasses at the moment.”

I got a chill and my girls faces changed color. We kept insisting we had spoken with her and he kept insisting that we were mistaken. He even brought in the other guides working there at the time.  We left there not knowing what actually happened, and until this day I haven’t stepped into the Whaley House.

Here is some of the places on the list if your interested:

Whaley House

gettyimages 154113560 Most Haunted in San Diego.

The Whaley House in the Old Town of San Diego, California, USA, circa 1965. It was build in 1857 for the Whaley family and was designated the most haunted house in America by the television show ‘America’s Most Haunted’. (Photo by Harvey Meston/Archive Photos/Getty Images)

  U.S.S. Midway

gettyimages 2847269 Most Haunted in San Diego.

The decommissioned aircraft carrier USS Midway is towed 05 January, 2004 into the San Diego Bay in California. Launched 10 September, 1945 the USS Midway (CVA-41) was the largest carrier ever put to sea. For nearly 50 years she saw action in every major U.S. conflict to include military action in Korea, Vietnam, and Iraq. (Photo credit should read PH1 DAVID LEVY/AFP/Getty Images)

–  Old Point Loma Lighthouse

thinkstockphotos 647467542 Most Haunted in San Diego.

The old Point Loma lighthouse on an October day in San Diego, California. (Thinkstock)

–  Horton Grand Hotel

thinkstockphotos 140237187 Most Haunted in San Diego.

A view of Horton Plaza in downtown San Diego during the holiday season. Photo taken by Jim Epler. (Thinkstock)

If you are curious and want to learn more and visit here is the full list……Scary


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