My mama, Fatima, always taught me to never return a tupperware empty. So when AJ brought be some of his awesome leftover lasagna, I returned the tupperware full of some of the Julian apples we had picked last week.

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AJ’s mom, Kathy, told him to NEVER trust your first impression. Hula’s mom, Betty, taught him to ALWAYS feed people because no one can be mean to you with a full stomach.

We had so many great calls from listeners telling stories of what their mothers taught them to ALWAYS or NEVER do, these are awesome words to live by!

  1. Bella – When you gift someone a purse or a wallet ALWAYS put money in it
  2. Marissa – ALWAYS tell your family you love them and NEVER use the word hate
  3. Sarah – NEVER go to bed without saying I love you, you can be angry but still say it
  4. Olivia –  ALWAYS throw the first punch and never fight fair
  5. Sonya – ALWAYS hug on the way in and on the way out, you never know if it’ll be the last time you see a loved one
  6. Elyse, 7-yeara-old – ALWAYS be early so in case something happens you’ll have extra time
  7. Jeff – If you can’t think of something nice to say about someone, ALWAYS think harder

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