Ok, so I may have gone a little overboard buying Halo Top ice cream to try. And by overboard, I mean I bought 8 flavors (not pictured because I already ate the whole pint are Peanut Butter Cup and Candy Bar and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough that I gifted to my pregnant neighbor).

halo4 Saras Blog: Halo Top Ice Cream Review

Halo Top tower


The big selling point is that there are way less calories in a whole pint, between 240 to 350 depending on the flavor plus more protein than other ice cream.

The first thing I noticed when I took off the lid was the foil cover reminding me that it’s totally ok for me to really just GO FOR IT and get after the whole pint.

halo2 Saras Blog: Halo Top Ice Cream Review


halo3 e1506611813880 Saras Blog: Halo Top Ice Cream Review

let’s do this.

Once I scooped out my first spoonful what struck me was the texture, it comes out in chunks unlike traditional ice cream.

halo5 e1506611959740 Saras Blog: Halo Top Ice Cream Review

The spoon-fulls are more like chunks of ice cream

The texture once you start eating it is pretty unique too, it’s dense and airy at the same time which seemed weird until I learned there’s more air in Halo Top than traditional ice cream. A-ha! That makes total sense. I don’t dislike the texture, it’s just different.

Here’s my ranking for the flavors I tried:

  1. Candy Bar – hands down fave
  2. Sea Salt Caramel – I loved the slight salty-ness mixed in with the sweet!
  3. Peanut Butter Cup – so easy to eat the whole pint as you’re digging for peanut butter swirls
  4. Cookies n Cream – this one was my kids’ runaway favorite, I think it could have used more cookies 🙂
  5. S’mores – not what I expected, it’s basically vanilla ice cream with TINY bits of graham cracker and chocolate
  6. Lemon Cake – I was hoping for more of a lemon zing but the lemon taste was very mild
  7. Birthday Cake-  I had high hopes for this one but surprisingly my kids were as underwhelmed as I was!

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