I thought I would write this blog since school has started already for  a lot of kids and teachers already or will start.

I am very lucky that at the moment I get to enjoy two jobs I really enjoy.  Radio has always been my passion and up until a few years ago, I was working full time in radio, then I was laid off.

We didn’t want to move, though I was offered a job elsewhere, so I thought I needed to find something new.

The principal at my daughter’s school came up to me and said she knew I was out of a job and since I have my degree, would I consider teaching in the preschool?  I have to be honest, teaching was never a thought, but I considered this a sign.

I went back to school and was ready to start my new life as a teacher.

Now, here I am, a few years later, teaching kindergarten for the fourth year and enjoying it.

Ask any teacher, there is nothing like seeing a child read for the very first time and knowing you had a lot to do with it.

A few days after I started teaching, the station that laid me off offered me to come back part time. I saw that as sign as well, and took it.

Now, here I am, years later at KyXy, enjoying my night-shift and working other shifts as well. I have the best of two worlds. I am ready for whatever comes my way, and I couldn’t see my life any other way right now.

My favorite part of all this is when a parent comes up to me and ask me that question:  “You wouldn’t happen to work at KyXy?” Or when a parent says their child recognized my voice on the radio, and would say, “that’s my teacher.”

I feel very lucky, and I feel great that I am sharing this with you since the school year has started for me this week.

How do I do it? Lots of coffee, a husband that helps me a lot, and the joy of  being a teacher and a DJ.

To all the KyXy teachers out there, have a wonderful school year!

Here are pics of my classroom before and after.

before Sherrys Blog: Teacher by Day, DJ by Night.


after Sherrys Blog: Teacher by Day, DJ by Night.




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