I am admitting it right here, right now. I have a problem. I get suckered into buying things ALL THE TIME because the packaging is cute.

Quick backstory… I try to eat healthy just like everyone else, I do my best. But when it comes to coffee creamer I have tried every option under the sun (soy creamer, half and half, almond milk, coconut milk and on and on and on…) and CANNOT replace my artificially flavored, partially hydrogenated, totally not good for me coffee creamer. Nothing else I’ve tried ever measures up and I end up going back to old trusty.

coffee Saras Blog: Im Weird.

The perfect cup awaiting the perfect creamer

So what makes this admission extra silly is that I’ve actually tried THIS EXACT COFFEE CREAMER back when it had different packaging and didn’t like it enough to switch. So what do I do? Buy it again because it has new, cute packaging. Ugh, I’m eye-rolling myself so you don’t have to.

coffeecreamer e1503333725225 Saras Blog: Im Weird.

Cutest coffee creamer packaging ever 🙂

… but the packaging is cute, isn’t it? You can see my old trusty creamer peeking out from behind the other one. Don’t worry friend, you’re still my #1!

(also, yes, I did rearrange my fridge to make it look cleaner before I took this picture and if you haven’t tried those dark chocolate and coconut almonds from Costco they’re delish)


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