By Evonne Ermey

The internet went wild after video of a giant chicken exiting a coop appeared on Facebook several days ago.

The chicken, identified as a Brahma chicken, is huge and it basically melts out of it’s enclosure and into the yard like a mutant species ready to peck you to death. Just kidding… unless you are afraid of chickens (like some people in our office) because that is the first thing that would go through your mind. #NotInMyBackyard

There was speculation that the bird beast was some genetically modified monstrosity stuffed full of hormones, but that’s not true. It’s just a really, really big bird. Others, in complete disbelief, thought the bird might actually be a man in a chicken costume, also untrue. It’s a real, honest to goodness bird, last descendant of the dinosaurs.Β 

Here are some reactions from random people on the internet:

Apparently, this giantΒ breed of chicken has been around for a long time, like since the 1800’s. The first thing we asked ourselves was ‘how the heck has a chicken this big gone under the radar for so long?’ Thank you social media for bringing this bird the stardom it so obviously deserves!

Here are some fun facts about Brahma chickens from Livestock Conservancy:

  • The male Brahma chicken can grow up to 18 pounds. (Yes, we know that the chicken in the video looks way bigger, it’s because he’s decked out in all those big, fluffy feathers)
  • The Brahma chicken was the main source of chicken meat in the U.S. from 1850 to the 1920’s. Because they take a long time to mature, they’ve since been dethroned.
  • The Brahma chicken is often referred to as “The King of All Poultry.”
  • They come in three colors – Light, dark and buff.
  • The breed was developed in the U.S. from very large fowls imported from China.

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