Sherry’s Blog: The First Christmas My girls knew Santa Wasn’t Real

Last year I wrote a blog about how my daughters still believe in Santa, well this year is the year I have been dreading.

My 14-year old, twin daughters told me in early December that they know about Santa, and in that moment memories flooded through my head – baking cookies, leaving soda for Santa, my husband calling on the phone as Santa and telling the girls to go to bed, the letters, calling Norad every hour on Christmas Eve.

I have to be honest, I started to cry.  😦  I listened to what they had to say and they told me how they found out. It was a friend at school. And then they said they had started thinking more and more about it, they understood. We talked about the spirit of Christmas a lot and what the true meaning of Christmas is, and that it is important for them to continue to believe.

My daughter Kera asked me this question that nearly floored me, “why did you lie to us?” I was still tearing up and answered to her that they are young and Santa is a special part of Christmas and when she has children she will understand. That was the best I could do last minute. After it was all done we cried together and decided we are going to make this Christmas even more special.

We have always stayed home for Christmas because of Santa but this year we decided to go to New Orleans, where my husband is from, to spend it with his family. I was sad we were not going to be here, but I thought it would be an easy transition for them. So, on Christmas Day we woke up in our hotel room and looked at our little Christmas tree. Underneath were two presents for them.  They both got up quickly to open them and then hugged my husband and I and said, “Thank you Santa’s.”

If your children are young, cherish every Christmas that is coming, and if your children are older, make Christmas even more special than it already is. It is so important to believe and know the true meaning of Christmas.

I found this video of parents telling their children Santa isn’t real which I thought was a bit sad and interesting at the same time…


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