For any persons trying to hack their way through the noise of modern life, here is some grounding advice from Cyndi Lauper, “We’re given two great things: Our heart to listen to and our reason. As long as you stay connected with those guys, you’re going to be ok.”

Lauper does not consider herself an idol. She’s just trying to find a way through, like the rest of us. Undeniably, the path she’s carved out is beauteous in its dedication to authenticity. As we chat, she seems self-possessed and excited for her show.

“It’s going to be fun. It’s a really magical place here,” Lauper says of Humphreys By the Bay, “It’s kind of a throwback to the rock n’ roll hotels because the people here are all musicians.”

Lauper’s latest album, Detour, is nostalgic too, but not of the new wave music she rode into 80’s infamy.

A collaboration with Seymour Stein (the man who signed The Talking Heads, The Cramps and The Ramones), her 11th studio album combines a classic country sound with a modern surf/punk vibe that was coming out of So Cal, last year.

“[The album is] kind of at the time period when blues and country kind of walked hand in hand, you know, became rock n’ roll… and that’s what I’ve been singing all my life,” said Lauper.

Lauper’s career has been as diverse as her sound. Working her way up from the club scene, she’s won two Grammys a Tony and an Emmy award. She even has her own Barbie.

But just because some of her music is upbeat and nice, don’t assume that she’s the nicest.

“I’m not that nice,” she said, “Never confuse the music with the person.”

Suddenly she pulls out something that Dick Clark told her once, “When you go up to a guy, or gal, you never know where he just came from or what just happened to them, so you don’t know where their head space is at.”

Becoming famous teaches you to be gracious, explains Lauper, because the experience, at first, is completely overwhelming, like a never ending meet and greet.

“Once I had my kid, I realized that I better be really careful about that because it effects your kid, you know, they feel like they have to share you all the time.”

Lauper’s son, it turns out, is also musically inclined, but in a dramatically different way from his mom. Declyn Wallace Thornton Lauper drops beats on the hip hop scene. He’s working on his own album ALGO (As Life Goes On.)

Listen to our interview with Cyndi Lauper on Jeff and the Showgram and don’t miss her show at Humphreys by the Bay tonight!

See photos from the interview here.


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