It’s my birthday month! As August 24th approaches, I am reflecting on my life as I become another year older. I am happy and healthy and it started with the Medifast Centers right here in San Diego.

I’m in the best shape of my life. I’m going to be 52, but I feel 22. I can keep up with my kids and life feels great.

It wasn’t always like this.

In January of 2011, when we started at KyXy, I was fat, overweight, and unhealthy. I struggled with life in 2011 when my mom passed away. I woke up one morning in November of that same year and I said, “It’s time to do something about this!” I changed my life for the better when I first walked in to the Medifast Weight Control Centers. I recall that I just left my ego in the car and walked in and asked for help. Since that day, I haven’t looked back and everything seemed to change for the better in my life as I started losing the weight.

Was it a coincidence that life became good at the time I was losing weight? I don’t think so. I think it was because I quickly felt good about myself. When you start seeing that scale go down and down and down and down, there isn’t a better feeling.

I remember walking upstairs during the holidays of 2011 and my pants fell off. That was so cool.

When you are overweight, you have to shop at “special” clothing stores. It was like scoring a touchdown, when I was able to go to any store I wanted just like a normal person to buy clothes. If you aren’t overweight, you may not know what I’m talking about.

Another cool feeling was getting out of the shower and wrapping a regular towel around your waist for the first time. For overweight people, that towel isn’t going to wrap around you, UNLESS it’s a beach towel. That was me for so long.

Yes, I lost the weight with the Medifast Centers, but more importantly as I become another year older, I am HEALTHY and LIFE IS GOOD.

If you can relate to anything I have said, please go in for that FREE consultation and body scan. You have nothing to lose, WELL, except the weight. 🙂

1-888-9-Medifast or go to the website


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