We added to our family this past weekend! I have been wanting another dog for a few years now, I’ve been wanting a small doggie, that I can take with me everywhere.

Lucita is getting so old and her poor little bones are aching, so she can’t travel or go on walks any more, 😦 so we adopted a Chihuahua mix from the best rescue!  It’s called No Wagging Tail Left Behind. Sandy Hill is the best, and sweetest.

They are out and about every weekend, so go to their website to find out when and where.  Click here to go to it.

Here’s Sandy letting Reed watch her vaccinate “Chocolatito.”

IMG_5688 IMG_5696


We wanted another dog and I finally convinced Robert to let me get one after observing the way Reed has been acting with my friend’s very young baby.

Reed has been so calm, and focused, and interested in just sitting and holding this baby. I thought that maybe the right small dog could bring that out in him. — and it did!

Chocolatitol has been so wonderful., he has brought such a light to our family at a tough and challenging time.

We are on a long journey with Reed’s behavior, and if you’ve ever dealt with a behavior disorder with your child, than you know how hard it can be. You love them so much, you just want them to be happy and to thrive.

IMG_5708 IMG_5710

Such a snuggle bug.

Another hard thing in my life right now, has been my poor, sweet dad still out of work. It frustrates me so much.

He is over qualified for so many things in the construction and doors and windows industry, and I truly believe he is being held back because he is 69-years old. He is not that old, you job-people!

Ugh!  So, like last time, if you have a lead on a part time or full time job email me: emily@kyxy.com

And OH MY GOSH!!!  Do you like Cioppino?  I made it for the very first time Friday.  It was amazing.  Cioppino is an Italian seafood stew.  I used a recipe that got tons of 5-star reviews on Allrecipes.com. 

To make it more cost effective, just use whatever seafood you can afford…You could even just do shrimp and mussels and it would be amazing.

Also, I love, love, love recipes!  (That’s why I’m always posting them…)  But, I want to know yours!

If you have an amazing one send it to me 🙂  Thanks xo Em

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