Hey there 🙂  On Tuesday night I experienced something cool and something very upsetting.

Lets start with the cool. I went with my mom’s best friend since I was a little girl, Kathleen, and my sister and my momma to Seasons 52 at the Headquarters at Seaport Village. My mom lives across the street and goes all the time — I had never been before.

Oh my gosh! If you are like me and like wine and a cheap night out then check this… If you go there during their happy hour, from 4-6:30 pm, they have this wine flight deal every day.

It’s $15 for your choice of a white or red wine flight of three very GENEROUS tastings, then you get your choice of your favorite glass for a full GENEROUS pour. And with the $15, you get your choice of a flat bread!

The flat bread was like 2-feet long and filling and delicious! So, for a date night or visit with your girls you can only spend $15 AND, to top that off, there’s a person in the middle of the bar playing piano and singing!  But wait…there’s more!  The server took our picture at the table with their camera and printed a copy for each of us and put it in this cool paper frame!  #Winning! 🙂

And now for the upsetting…That same evening, I got a call from my dad, right when I got home.

He said that he had just been let go at Home Depot — in an unfair way, but that’s another story.  Very unfair. I won’t be shopping there any more.

One of the most upsetting things in my life is knowing how things have turned out for him. He has always been such a loving hard-working father. My mom and him got divorced when I was 13, which was one of the hardest things I have ever had to deal with– such a tough age to deal with that.

They broke up because it just wasn’t working any more. There was no villain, which made it even harder in some ways because I had nobody to blame. That’s hard to understand when you are just becoming a teenager. My mom is this vibrant and bubbly person and so her carrying on was never going to be a problem. And in time she found aother wonderful man who was just right for her. But my daddy…

He hasn’t had as great of luck. He was laid off from his windows and doors job as an estimator about 6 years ago, when businesses were not doing so well. Since then, it has been such a struggle for him to find a job. The age discrimination issue is so horrible in this country. He is in his 60’s — not old at all!  But people just want to hire the young ones.

They are missing out on someone who would never take time off, who would be loyal and responsible. It feels good to vent about all this, so thank you so much.

If anyone knows of a part time job that is hiring, can you let me know?


Take care everyone and if you are going through this too then my heart truly goes out to you…keep your head up.  Lots of love your way,  Emily



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