Jeff and Jer’s Breaking and Entering Christmas airs on KyXy 96.5 Monday morning December 10th starting at 6am. Little Tommy and his hoodlum buddies from Chula Vista are ready to bring a special Christmas and Holiday to a deserving family here in San Diego.″

Here’s the letter Little Tommy read this morning that tells us about the family for this year’s Breaking and Entering Christmas. We lined out and took out some identifiable words to protect the family.

Dear Jeff and Jer Showgram,

I feel as if I am being guided by the mother of my daughter’s best friend to send you this note. I was listening the other day when Little Tommy was on the radio telling us he was looking for families to help for Christmas. When he was talking, I got a chill up my spine and a thought came to my mind to do this. I felt the spirit of a mother guiding me, so I hurried to work and I am sitting down writing this to you.

My daughter is in ___ grade and she has the best friend in the world. Her friend is so nice, polite, and pleasant to be around. She has been friends with my daughter since kindergarten. She brings a smile to your face whenever you are around her.

Just last week, my daughter came home from school and was sad. I asked her what happened and she started to cry. She said her friend’s mom died this morning. She died after a long battle with breast cancer. The mother fought that breast cancer with so much dignity as she also tried hard to be the mom her family needed. We all knew she was sick, but when you were around her you felt the heart and the strength this woman had and you just wanted to be there for her. You just wanted to pray and pray she would be okay.

Well, she is okay, but she is in heaven now. She doesn’t have any more pain and suffering as they say, but she left behind a family that misses her so much.

Her husband has a job and in this era of time, having a job is a blessing, but it’s not at all a good paying job. He worked and worked extra long and hard to get money to help with his wife’s cancer treatment and at the same time to provide for his family.

We live in the __________ area and our neighborhood would be considered low income, very low income to put it mildly. Their home is small. 3 bedroom and one bath and now 5 people when there once was 6.

Their family consists of the little girl, the father, along with an older brother and an older sister. The older sister is 20 and has a 6 month old baby girl. The older sister has stepped up and has dedicated her life to helping her mom when she was alive and now to help with the raising of her siblings and her baby girl.

They don’t have much money, but they are surviving this terrible time of their lives with love and the help of family and friends.

Tommy, I can only assume you can relate to the feeling you may have had at Christmas dealing with the loss of your mom. Take that pain and the pain the family went through with the battle of their mom’s breast cancer and add a strong family with small children. Please can you help with this family’s loss and help bring a Christmas to them as this family at this moment is lost and confused and sad over the death of their mother.

This family went through so much for a few years and all they did was work and work to help with the cost of treatment and to put food on the table for their children. I know they must have done something very good, because their beautiful precious daughter is so pleasant to be around and shows so much manners at all times.

I am attaching a picture of the little girl. You can see it in her eyes. You can see the love her mom gave her.

My family took the little girl out to dinner just this last weekend and we were surprised to know that it was her first time at a restaurant and she said she knew what to do because of seeing restaurants in the movies. She kept on saying, she wishes her mom could see her at a restaurant. It just tugged at my heart.

I am hearing that the dad is depressed to say the least and this time of year and with the loss of his wife, I am afraid that Christmas may not be on this families mind at all.

I heard the magic that your and your friends do, can you bring that magic to this family?

I feel the mom watching over me. Can you feel her too?

I know you know about breast cancer. I know you know about losing a parent and I know you know about being poor as a child.

God bless you Tommy and everyone on Jeff and Jer.

What do I do now?


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