panther1 From Jerry: Exciting Panther Pictures And Book News! Guys My Personal Panther Has Been Accepted On Amazon!
Exciting Panther pictures and book news! Guys – “My Personal Panther” has been accepted on Amazon! Yesss! You can get it there right now.
Also- we’ve put about 300 pix on our site from the “Tea And Panther Party” and the Warwick’s Book Premiere event. Go to to check them out. We’ll post a video of the “T&PP” in the next couple days.
Thank you once again for your love. Jerry, Lucy and Aja

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  1. Paulita says:

    Hi, I am the mommy, but my little princess is very much in to storys, When I heard the story on your show (96.5) I just loved it, very creative , funny…I just looked it up and I can see that my daughter and I missed out on all the fun..!…But is there anything else going on, when promoting the book, or is it all over….Hope not…I did see that I can get on amazon..?? perfect ! I would of loved for the talented writer to sing the book. Well all the luck in the world and congrats..! Can’t wait when she gets it…Best Regards, Lizz.


    1. Paulita says:

      OMG my spelliing (dyslexia, finger error etc)…sorry…bilingual and in a rush..


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