Little Tommy Blog: Dad, Rome Is Burning!

vanessaaa1 Little Tommy Blog:   Dad, Rome Is Burning!

So, I’m having lunch with my daughter Vanessa.  Isn’t she so beautiful?  We’re at Pat and Oscars in Temecula last week. All the tv’s were on ESPN and while we were eating, we would look up and watch a little sports news.  All of a sudden, Vanessa’s facial expression changes and says, “Dad, another disaster, look Rome is burning!”  I look up at ESPN and I smile and I tell Vanessa, “Baby, it’s okay, that’s JIM ROME and that’s just the name of his show!”

eddiehigh Little Tommy Blog:   Dad, Rome Is Burning!

I’m so happy about this coming weekend.   Eddie has a skateboard competition and usually we have to drive and travel like 500 miles, but on Saturday, we just have to go to Belmont Park.   It’s going to feel good to wake up in the morning and not have to worry about a long road trip.

sky Little Tommy Blog:   Dad, Rome Is Burning!

This is how the sky looked yesterday over Cowles Mountain.  I hiked up Cowles with my friend Anita.   I’ve actually been doing really well with walking and hiking and working out.   We’ve done Torrey Pines like 4 times over the last week and I think Cowles 3-4 times as well.   My calves are burning!

Yesterday, I was huffing and puffing going up the hill and Anita was ahead of me by a few yards and my calves were like on fire and I had a look of agony on my face and I was turning red and I can feel it, then all of a sudden two women walk by and say “HI LITTLE TOMMY, GLAD YOU’RE BACK ON THE AIR!”    I had to stop and talk to them, but it was a good rest and I felt good after that. 

I love doing Cowles.  There’s another trail up on top called Pikes Trail or something like that and Anita and I explored it to see where it lead then all of a sudden Anita asks if I thought mountain lions were up in there, so we turned around and ran back up the hill and went down the main trail with all the people.

That darn Jeff!

Jeff had to get up and start Medifast and quickly drop so much weight and left me all alone with my chubby belly.  I guess that really does work.  I watched Jeff quickly change right before my eyes.  We both came to work at KYXY up a few from our time off and then all of sudden, BOOM:  Jeff got skinny.

Jeff inspired me, but I don’t want to be on Medifast, I want to workout and eat better and just exercise as much as I can.   

I love doing Torrey Pines and I love Cowles Mountain. 

Another thing that’s pretty cool about working out is that EDDIE is in to the gym and lifting weights.  So, with all my walks and hikes with Anita, I’m also going to the gym with Eddie. 

If I can just stay away from white rice and certain foods, I will be a stud once again. 

Life can be busy and life can be hard and some people STOP working out and go back to bad habits, when life gets stressful. I’m human and that’s what I did.  BUT, I’m getting a hold and control of my life and I’m getting back to working out.  

Wanna feel my muscle?


One Comment

  1. Anita says:

    Vanessa and Eddies are so darn cute!!! So, Yay Tommy!! I’m so glad I have my workout partner back!!! I love doing hikes and stairs!! Keep it up!!!:)


  2. Denise says:

    Tommy, I totally feel you!!!! In January I looked in the mirror and said “who is that girl?” I couldn’t believe I got so comfortable in the last couple of years and forgot all about living a healthy life style. I have been walking &hiking every weekend, if I could afford the gym I would love to workout every day. Good luck and stay away from the white rice:) hope to see you on one of our many awesome trails.


  3. Michelle Quiroz says:

    Way to go Tommy! You can do anything you put your mind to! Keep moving, and make healthy choices…one day at a time!


  4. Craig says:

    good for you tommy. i love to walk with my girlfriend. we will have to try cowles mountain. mainly we walk at lake murray because i dont like the stress of going uphills on my right hip that i had surgery on. i bought a book on hiking around san diego. i will have to start hiking. keep us posted on your weight loss.


  5. Brenda says:

    I love Vanessa’s compassion and concern! She is beautiful inside and out!


  6. yvette says:

    Yes Tommy your daughter is absolutly gorgeous. Your such a proud dad of both your children. Its so nice to see a dad be so involved with his children.. I always enjoy hearing you speak about them because you can always hear the joy in your voice.


  7. carmela vallese says:

    Hey Tommie, You’ve always been a stud in my defintion. You see to me, a stud is a man who loves and spents time with his kids, brags about them to anyone who will listen, and you also take good care of and love your mom so much. I lost my mom 13 years ago. I would give anything just to have one more mother’s day with her. Also, I agree that your daughter does look like your mom in the old picture you posted. The acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree!!


  8. Cindy says:

    My friend, Shirley, and I have done Torrey Pines a couple of times. We walked down the beach south a little ways than up the steps into the park. One time we saw an interesting collection of pine needles hanging from a branch. One of the hikers called in a “witches broom.” I’ll have to talk to Shirley about Cowles. I think that’s where she wants to work up to being able to hike. Keep up the work out.


  9. Monique says:

    HAHA…that was a cute blog…I plead the 5th on the last question 😉


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