Little Tommy Blog: Happy Mother’s Day!

momcoffee1 Little Tommy Blog: Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom!   She’s the best!   I can write and talk forever about how things are with my mom now and all the things that are going through my mind as my mom gets older, but I don’t need to right now, all I need to say isHAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!!!!

Today, I got an early MOTHER’S DAY GIFT when my mom had a good strong day and started talking to me more than she has lately. 

I’m still not understanding how all of a sudden my mom isn’t talking too much, but I will try to understand it better.  People are telling me it’s just what happens when you get older, but I don’t want to believe it.

Just yesterday, I was wondering if my mom would ever call me and say hello or answer the phone and say HI TOMAS or just have a long conversation with me AND today while I was over her house, she did talk to me and she said things to me and she asked questions and she asked if I wanted to eat anything at least 10 times (that’s my mom).

I wish I could go back in time and stop for a moment each time my mom was teaching me something or scolding me for something because as I look back now, I wish I would have smiled and hugged her more often. 

It’s hard when your mom gets older.  My mom was so strong.  I think back to those years growing up and remembering her clearing out the garage by herself to planting flowers and doing yardwork while I was pretending to be sleeping.

Tomorrow, Jeff and Jer wanted to play back a segment from a very long time ago of my mom on the radio trying to say THE WEAKEST LINK.  I’m not sure if I will be able to listen to it, because my mom sounded so strong back then.   I don’t know if I can take it being in my studio or if I will go outside. 

If you’re a kid reading this, listen to me okay?   Stop what you are doing right now and go hug your mom and tell her thank you and that you love her. 

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom and to all the mom’s reading this.


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  1. Tammy Kaiser says:

    My son has given me the greatest birthday/mother’s day gift ever! Today he has 14 days clean!! He called me this morning to tell me he got a sponsor last nite & is ready (AND willing!) to work the steps!! It’s a beautiful day!!

    Glad you got a great conversation with your Mom…as you say, treasure those moments!

    Love, Tamz


    1. Little Tommy // Jeff and Jer Showgram says:

      That’s great news!!!


  2. Ana De Orduna says:

    Wow it’s nice to hear a Guy saying thinks like this. You just made me cry, you are a good son and most better a good person… All the love to you and your Mom on Sunday… Tell her Feliz dia de las Madres on Tuesday for me to 😉


  3. Esther says:

    Tommy… I went way back in the day with the words you wrote. My parents have passed away and I can remember all the conversations I had with my mom. My siblings and I were blessed to have been able to talk to her about everything and anything. She was always open for converstion. I miss my mom and dad so much but know they walk beside me every day. You are right, if you are a kid or even a grown up please make sure to hug and kiss your mom and tell her just how much she means to you and how much you love her. I’m so glad I told showed my parents love as they showed me. Tommy, you are so blessed to have your beautiful mom with you… time doesn’t stop but we can hold it in our hearts for as long as we can!! love… Esther


  4. Brenda says:

    I went through all these emotions when Dad had Alzheimer’s. I also had the blessing of living just a few miles away from him. Mom kept him home until he passed away and went to live with the Lord about a year ago. I just loved him and didn’t take any “bad” days personally. I stayed with him whenever I could and talked to him, even when he didn’t respond. I always rejoiced when he had a “good” day and asked God to make him feel comfortable when he didn’t. I have no regrets when it comes to Dad. Tommy, you won’t either as long as you talk with her often and see her whenever possible. Knowing our parent loves us no matter what is so special and it is also something we can offer in return when they are no longer strong. You are a good son Tommy…don’t forget that! ((HUGS))


  5. Barbara Park says:

    Tommy I know what your going thru now. My Mother is 91 yrs old & not doing well @ all. I went to see her yesterday @ San Diego Hospice. They are so good to her there. Thanks for listening.


  6. Shannon says:

    I had tears in my eyes when I read this. I treasure my Mom more now as an adult. It is really hard to see your parents grow older. My Mom has gone through so much and it amazes me how she stays calm and positive no matter what. Thanks Tommy for writing your experiences with us.


  7. keri park says:

    Omg I’m sitting here reading this crying and thinking bout how true this is. If we only knew how much those things would mean to us later in life at the time they were happening! God Bless you and trust me your mother knows how much you love her and how proud she is of you now.


  8. Kati says:

    I hope my son becomes the man you are-thank you!


  9. Martha says:

    Tommy that was beautiful. Happy Mother’s Day to your beautiful viejita. “Feliz dia de las Madres”


  10. Vee says:

    Ohhh… Tommy, you made me cry!… 😦 Thats sweet of you… we are getting older and so our moms… I wish we have them forever… Happy Mothers Day to your Mom too! 🙂


  11. holly says:

    I was thinking of My Mom and how much I still miss her. She died at the age of 44 to this day it still feels like it was yesterday but the reality is that after 21 years I feel that she still is a strong force in my life. So to my Mom thank you for the first 19 years of my life and the past 21 watching over me. Happy Mothers Day to my Mom and all the Moms out there!


  12. Christy says:

    I have listed to you all forever, and know how much you love your mom. I am lucky to have two wonderful kids who although are 18(son) and16(daughter) still to this day will hug and kiss me, even if their friends are over. They never mind being seen in places with me no matter where it is. I am so greatful for them. My daughter plays soccer, and this weekend on mothers day, she is playing in Nationals up in Lancaster. As much as my son hates to go to her games, he is going with us up there to spend mothers day with me. He offered this on his own. I am very lucky. Just as your mom is lucky to have you….and she knows it.


  13. Dawn Harris steeve says:

    She sounds so like me when she was young and strong! Just remembering those little things is what going to help you through each day!!! Just remember she loves you so much, a mothers love for her children is never-ending!


  14. Pam says:

    Cherish every minute you spend with her Tommy. My Mom was my best friend and she’s been gone now for 8 years. I still miss her everyday.


  15. Carmen says:

    My Mother passaway 3 years ago, and I miss very much. I miss talking to her and the hugs. I’am glad that you still have you mother with you. Please let her know how much you I Love her.Cause when God take her to haven, you will miss her very much, just like, miss mine


  16. Aundrea says:

    This just made me cry, its so touching. I have a 9yr old who thinks that im the most horrible person sometimes (when he’s being disciplined), & he haas no problem expressing himself, which hurts alot of times. Treading this reassured me that he will appriciate me one day & know how much he’s loved!
    Beautiful mothers day story Tommy 🙂


  17. Lori says:

    I love how you love your mom! It is so hard seeing our parents, who were once so strong, weaken. I lost my father 3 years ago, but before that dealt with 9 years of his alzheimer’s. There was nothing more devastating then him being unable to communicate. That was even harder for me than him forgetting who I was, cuz at least if he could talk, I would have known what he was feeling. You are an amazing son…and cherish every stinkin moment with you momma! Love you Tommy!


  18. Karen Penna says:

    I love your Mom too, Tommy. She sure is a special lady. I wish I could go up to Torrance this weekend and see my Mama, but I don’t have money for gas. At least I can call her when ever I want.


    1. Little Tommy // Jeff and Jer Showgram says:

      What kind of car do you have? Email me at


  19. Donna says:

    Hello Tommie,
    I am a mother of 4 wonderful boys, 29,26,23,13. I want them to always remember me so I go out of my way to do silly, crazy and very memorable things. I want them to tell my grandchildren in case I am not there.
    I lost my mom when she was 49, 23 years ago. I hear in my memories all of the things that you say you miss about your mom now. I know it hurts as they get older and even forget your name and which child you are, but it hurts a lot more as you can imagine when they are gone.
    So my motto is always talk to them like you always have even if you get no response. (in my case I get none!) Just keep on talkin’ it will always keep them as they always will be a part of you unconditionally. ( just as dad’s are as you know) Find your sunlight in this changing time and share with your mother. 🙂 sorry for the book. meant to drop a line LOL!


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