Little Tommy Blog: Go Make Some Oatmeal, That’s How It Looks!

oatmeala Little Tommy Blog:  Go Make Some Oatmeal, Thats How It Looks!

So, I was talking with this person today about everything going on.  He has a lot of experience with all the stuff in the news right now.   I had so many questions to ask him about what he thought truly happened when they killed Osama Bin Laden.

What he told me made me put to rest any ideas I had of any conspiracy theories.  I have a mind that wanders and over the last 48 hours, it’s been wandering all over the place.   🙂

He told me if the Commander in Chief says Bin Laden is dead, then he is dead.  He said those SEALS really went in and got him and killed him.   He also said I needed to believe they also threw his body out to sea.

THEN, I started to ask about why the news on what happened started to change. From being armed to unarmed to his wife dead and not dead and human shield to no human shield and so on.

He said all that stuff we’re hearing makes no difference at all to the fact that Bin Laden is dead.  In this day and age, news travels fast and reporters are jumping the gun to everything they may hear just so they can be FIRST with the bogus news report.

I understood everything he said to me.

BUT, what stuck with me the most was that he said we need to be thinking more about the pilots from the ARMY that brought the SEALS to the mission.   He said they were just as brave.    Then, he started to say as we are all wasting time talking about what may have happened there are other TEAMS going out and we need to think of them and pray for them.

He also told me to watch BLACK HAWK DOWN  and said that may be the same squadron that is involved right now flying everyone around.

I did ask him what he thought could have happened and what the President and his team was watching LIVE from the situation room.

He told me most likely the President was just seeing the outside of the house and was on the edge of his seat waiting for them to come back out, because that’s all he was able to see.  He said he doesn’t think they were equipped to give the President a LIVE FEED of what happened inside, but he said he is most likely watching it by now.

He also told me that these men have been learning about Bin Laden for quite some time now and each one of these men knew the meaning of 9-11 and if these men walked in to a room full of adrenaline and spotted a man that was responsible for all those deaths in the United States, they would probably do what you wish you could do in that situation and that is to kick his ass and make him know they were from the United States of America.

I put away my Tom Clancy mindset and just said WOW.

So, Bin laden is standing before God waiting to hear his punishment, when God gets a tap on his shoulder. There, behind Him, stands 343 firemen, 72 police officers, one k9 officer, 3,000 American citizens & over 5,000 soldiers. “Don’t worry God we got this.”

I did ask what he thought about releasing the pictures and he said to me, “Go make some oatmeal, that’s how it looks!”

The fact is:  He’s dead and that’s all that matters!


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  1. Theresa says:

    Tommy, I’m not going to lie to you. I never read your blogs, they are usually extremely long winded, but for some reason I read this one. My husband is in the Navy and used to train the Navy Seals a few years back. Knowing what I know about these guys just makes every hair on my body stand up straight. I have never been more proud to be American then I am now. Your friend is correct, we need to have faith in what our Commander in Chief tells us, if he says he is dead then by golly he is dead, and the only reason why people want to see the picture is because we are all morbid film watchers and that’s what we expect to see. I want to see it as well, but this late in the game I don’t know if ir would be real or not. Ok well I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed this blog and how everytime I look at oatmeal I will remember that I sleep better at night because I have wonderful brave men and women in our military protecting me and my loved ones. Thanks Tommy, and thanks to your friend as well.
    A proud Navy wife


  2. Ross says:



  3. Cathy says:

    Lets also remember our wounded warriors. Their sacrifice is often forgotten


  4. David says:

    And we should not forget, he was an INTERNATIONAL terrorist. he didn’t only kill Americans. There are a LOT of families who have gained some measure of closure over this.


  5. Diana says:

    AMEN !!!


  6. Cathy says:

    Ok let us first remember that bin laden was at one time cia agent. he knew the in and outs, and he knew out weaknesses. I’m am relieved that he is dead. buried at sea good. A man without a country. Good for him.. Praise God…


  7. Sher Prince says:

    AMEN! I believe that not only was there celebration all around the world, but in the Heavens as well! Justice is mine saith the Lord!


  8. Monchilde says:

    I’m glad you can put this to rest in your mind, Tommy. As we’ve seen in the past, Bin Laden never let himself be believed dead for long! –he always came out with a video to prove he was alive. Conspiracy theories are a given these days, when everyone is a skeptic, but i think if nothing else, the last 10 years taught us that the government isn’t nearly as smart as we thought they were! Nor are they cohesive enough to maintain a cover up in this instant-information age (well, maybe the GOP is cohesive enough…) Anyway, I’m glad Bin Laden is dead and I could care less whether he was armed or not –he deserved whatever he got.


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