Little Tommy Blog: May Is Very Special

kbest1 Little Tommy Blog:  May Is Very Special

The month of May means a lot to me!  It has so many special days!  That skinny guy with the porn star moustache is me.  HAHA!  That’s the  Y95 studios here in San Diego that the Jeff and Jer Showgram started on May 3, 1988. 

Let me get out the calculator:   That means on Tuesday, I have been with Jeff and Jer for 23 years. WOW!  That was certainly many many pounds ago!

Here’s a better look at our old studio with tapes and records and everything!   I learned everything in that room.

kbest Little Tommy Blog:  May Is Very Special

Sunday is my mom’s birthday!   Jeff and Jer asked me what I was going to do with her on her birthday and I was caught off guard, because I don’t think Jeff and Jer realize what shape my mom is in.  I answered Jeff on the air and said we were going to go to Viejas, but in reality my mom isn’t able to really go anywhere yet,  but all of us will be with her and we will celebrate my mom’s 85th birthday.

My nephew Sean has a big birthday on Cinco De Mayo and even my ex mother in law celebrates on that day.

Jerry has a HUGE birthday on May 11th and Laura, a co worker of mine has a birthday on May 24th.  HAHA   I can’t believe the “SH–” I got in for that one blog about calling Anita my best friend. 

GEEZ!  Laura is always Laura to me. I love her so much.  Laura knows if I ever get married, she will be my best man.   She really will be.

I didn’t sleep at all going in to Friday morning.  I had to record some audio from the Royal Wedding and I didn’t want to oversleep so I walked in to the KYXY studio at 2:05am.  

I really enjoyed the wedding.  I love that stuff.   I remember back in 1981, I was washing dishes at Sambo’s Restaurant in Chula Vista when Princess Di and Prince Charles got married.  That was huge.

The best part of the wedding this morning was——-PIPPA!    She’s hot!

pippa Little Tommy Blog:  May Is Very Special

Hey, my sister Lola wanted me to mention this about Nana’s Wish.

Please support Nana’s Wish by purchasing a Macy’s shopping pass for $10 for the May 14th Macy’s Community Shopping Day Event.  Its a fundraising event.  Shoppers with the passes receive 10 to 20% discounts of off selected merchandise and also have a chance to win a drawing for a $500 gift certificate.  Call my sister Lola at 619-946-4899 for shopping passes and additional information.  100% of the proceeds received from this event will support Nana’s Wishes A Buddy Bike for special needs children and our Educational Awards for kids transitioning from Foster Care and Juvenile Hall to college. 

My daughter Vanessa is going to the prom Saturday night.  She’s only a sophmore, but she’s going.  My baby is growing up.  I just want her to make good choices.  I know I can’t follow her around as if she was 8 years old, but I just wish I was able to protect her all day long.  I want her to have fun and dance (FAST DANCE NOT SLOW) and just smile and laugh and come home early.
I don’t want my baby to go out to after parties where there might be some bad scenarios in front of her.
BUT, then again, when I think of Eddie going to the prom, I want him to go all out and —–  JUST KIDDING, but I do have double standards.  I want Vanessa to be safe and I want Eddie to go for it dude.  JUST KIDDING!!!!
It’s going to be interesting to see how May shapes up for me.  I have a lot going on in life and with work and I can’t wait to see if I make it to June with all that is happening.  I know I can do this!
Enjoy the weekend and remind your child if they’re going to the prom to make good choices.  I need to do that too!
OH, and Anita’s birthday is May 30th.  :) 

One Comment

  1. Debby says:

    My Mom’s Birthday is also May 1st. She passed away 3 1/2 years ago but I think about her everyday.


  2. Michelle says:

    Tommy, I remind my 2 teens to “make good choices” all the time! Don’t worry too much, I am sure you have taught her well and she will make good choices! Of course that doesn’t mean you won’t be waiting on pins and needles for her to come home!


  3. Kat says:

    Happy Birthday to your mom Tommy–my mom,Darlene, shares the same May Day Birthday and she will be 80 tomorrow. She is a wonderful,giving person like your mom! I think God gave us beautiful people on May 1st!!


  4. Sharon says:

    One thing that helps me in the moment coping with teens especially girls is yoga. It doesn’t have to hot yoga. Its like a therapy drug. Deep breathing is required to get through this road.


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