Little Tommy Blog: Happy Birthday Mom!

mom1 Little Tommy Blog:  Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy birthday to my mom!  My mom turns a young 85 years old on Sunday!  My mom means so much to me.  She inspires me every day.  What she sacrificed for us all when my dad passed away is my strength to get through each and every day of my life!

When I see my mom, I get a feeling in my heart and soul that I can’t describe.  You just want to hug her and you just want to smile when you see my mom.

momkids Little Tommy Blog:  Happy Birthday Mom!

My mom isn’t strong as she used to be.  BUT, she’s still my mom.  My mom doesn’t say too many words anymore, BUT she’s still my mom.    She doesn’t have to be physically strong anymore and she doesn’t have to say anything, because she can still communicate just by the way she looks at me.

meandmom1 Little Tommy Blog:  Happy Birthday Mom!

I don’t know how my mom did it back then.  I don’t know how she raised 5 kids by herself.  It’s amazing to me that on Father’s Day 1970 when I was just 5 years old my dad died and from that moment forward, my mom took control.  My mom had to find a job for the first time in her life. She had to learn to drive for the first time in her life.  BUT, the one thing she didn’t have to learn, was how to love.  We had so much love in our home when I was just a little boy.

moments2 Little Tommy Blog:  Happy Birthday Mom! 

I didn’t know to miss having a dad when I was young, because my mom took care of it all.  I didn’t know I was raised without that much money, because my mom took care of it all.

She drove me to my basketball games at the Boy’s Club when I was 10.  She drove me to my guitar lessons when I was 14.    She even drove me to my first day at work at a radio station when I was 16.

I never—never had anything and I know that she worried about it.

My mom took care of so many people that came through our home over the years in Chula Vista.  Kids ranaway to our home.  Kids never were hungry when they came to my mom’s home.

My mom had 5 kids, but so many people called her mom.

I believe there are so many angels watching over my mom right now.  I believe there are hundreds of people that have passed on and their spirit is just hanging out with my mom.   I feel those spirits when I go to her house.   I walk out of my mom’s home with warmth in my heart.

I wish when I was a teenager and even younger than that, that I knew what my mom was doing for me.  I am sorry for anything I ever did wrong as a kid and I am sorry for anytime I ever disrespected my mom.

I wish I can go back in to time and be a kid playing football in the street next to my mom’s home in Chula Vista and be playing with all the kids on the block and smelling the food coming out of the house and hearing my mom play piano and then right before it got dark, hear my mom yell my name TOMMY to come in to eat dinner.

I wish I can feel that time when I was a little boy sitting next to my mom on the piano and watching her play again.

mompiano Little Tommy Blog:  Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy birthday to my mom!

mommybday Little Tommy Blog:  Happy Birthday Mom!

I love you mom!

momhome Little Tommy Blog:  Happy Birthday Mom!


One Comment

  1. Monique says:

    “Honor thy father and thy mother, and your days will be long”…I think you are honoring your mom by the choices you’re making in your life…she may not be able to verbalize the pride she feels, but because of the connection you talk about with her, I’m sure you already know how she feels ❤


  2. Mye says:

    I love how much you love your mom. Most often, people appreciate parents and realized all they’ve sacrificed when it’s too late. I think a lot about my childhood and sometimes, I wish I could relive those carefree, worry free days. I also remember my own teenage issues growing up and how it was always the most important drama. Now, with my own kids, well….my parents often said, “You’ll realize this when you have your own kids”.
    When my parents are in the country, I have them stay at our house. They love to just be in the house with their grand kids. Like you and so many other kids, I sincerely regret all the heartache and headaches I caused growing up. I wasn’t a horrible child but, I could have done much better.
    Married and in my 40’s now, I can’t imagine losing my parents. When I think about it sometimes, I just start crying. It’s scary but I think I won’t be able to handle it among so many that have. This is why I do what I can to make sure they’re comfortable and relaxed when they come to visit from the Philippines. I have the kids hang around downstairs to just be around the folks. That’s all it takes to make them happy.


  3. Julie Seager says:

    This is beatiful and very well written….I can tell you treasure every moment with your sweet mom. You are blessed…


  4. Sharon says:

    U don’t have to wish to go back in time. That happy place is in your mind & u can visit it whenever u want. I’m sure mom has special memories too.


  5. Kathi says:

    There are many angels on earth taking care of us. Tommy, you recognize one of the obviously many in your life as the loving mother you have. I bow to your boundless love. I was proud to shake your hand in the hallway at the Wait party late that night for that and many reasons.
    Kathi from Prescott Valley, AZ


  6. Sally says:

    Love you Tommy! You are such a good son and a genuine good person. Thanks for being you!


  7. ray clark says:

    Now is the time to be with your Mom as much as you can. Embrace the touch of your Moms hugs, her smells, and the way her house makes you feel. Remembering those things will help you feel connected to her forever. Those of us who have been touched by your family over the years know how much love your Mom has for you and your brothers and sisters. God bless Rosa and all of our Moms.


    1. Pam MacLeod says:

      I miss my Mom everyday, she passed away 11 years ago. But just hearing about you and Rosa brings a smile to my face every time.


  8. Tina says:

    Happy Birthday Rosa. What a beautiful person and mother you are. Tommy, you are so blessed, and so is she to have a son like you! Cherish these time, hold on to them, embrace them, and keep being the wonderful son that you are!


  9. Christine says:

    Tommy, this is beautiful, made me teary eyed. As I have always said, doesn’t matter how old we are, we always want our mommy. I can stil hear your mom’s sweet voice, comming from the radio, when you would call her for something. You are very Blessed.


  10. Marta Culpepper says:

    You make me cry but you also make me smile. I love how you love her.
    God bless you and your Mom always!


  11. sharon main says:

    That is one of the most beautiful stories I’ve ever read. I lost both of my parents to Alzheimer’s and Parkinsons and it was tough, but this story is incredibl. Thank you so much for sharing it with the World.


  12. Kathy says:

    What a beautiful tribute to your mom, Tommy. She is truly blessed to have you as her son. Just like you have been truly blessed to have her as your mother. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMMY’S MOM!!


    1. Mike Solano says:

      Happy Birthday Mama Rosa!! Tommy, I just realized you and I have so many things in common. My Dad also passed away in 1970 (September) and my Mom also had to do pretty much the same things your Mom did except she had 6 of us kids to raise and she didn’t speak a word of English at the time. All this just about 5 blocks down the street from your Mom’s house. I knew your brothers Ray and Frank. Ray was a senior when I was a sophomore and Frank was in 9th grade. Frank was at my Mom’s house a couple of times and I was at your Mom’s house once. Sadly, my Mom passed away last July, just 4 days short of her 83rd birthday.
      You are a great son, so don’t worry about the guilt, you are doing all the right things NOW. If there is one piece of advice I can give it’s this: Spend as much time as you can with her and BABY THE HECK OUT OF HER!!!!


  13. Barbie Sablan says:

    Tommy, you have an amazing mother. She comes from a generation of people who lived through war and suffering and came out stronger than every generation since. I’m going to try to get to San Diego this summer and I will definitely go visit your mom, my aunt. I know my father would like to come but I don’t think he’s up to it. Please tell your mom Happy Birthday from all of us Sablan’s in San Jose. We love her too.


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