bethany hamilton1 Little Tommy Blog:  Why I Loved Soul Surfer!

I already knew the inspirational story about Bethany Hamilton. I just found out about Sarah Hill who is in the movie portrayed by Carrie Underwood. Sarah grew up in Rancho Penasquitos and listened to the Jeff and Jer Showgram. I took Eddie and Vanessa to see the movie yesterday and we all loved it. I learned so much about LIFE from this movie. I learned so much about FAITH and HOPE. I was reminded again what is truly important in life.

Yesterday, I was feeling a bit stressed over many things. Nothing out of the ordinary, but just everyday life was on my mind. I was so happy to be with Eddie and Vanessa and we decided to go see SOUL SURFER.

I told them before the movie started that the Jeff and Jer Showgram spoke to the real Sarah Hill and that Carrie Underwood plays her in the movie. Carrie did a great job, she really did.

sarahhill Little Tommy Blog:  Why I Loved Soul Surfer!

As the previews were playing, I was seated at the end of the aisle with Eddie next to me and then Vanessa. I just started thinking about my life and how it’s been changed so much since we started back on the air. I started to wonder how to manage my life and how to handle everything and I started to feel a bit stressed. I sat there trying to figure it all out. I started to worry about things and just tried to concentrate and focus about what was important in life at the same time the movie was getting ready to start.

THEN, the movie started: It started off with something that I was just introduced to on January 24th, which was the first day back on the air. The movie started off talking about Jeremiah 29:11.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Back in January when someone sent this to all of us on the show, it meant so much to me, because it made me believe in why we went through the last 17 months off the air. It made me understand that the time off was not an end, but a beginning. We had to reach down deep in our hearts and soul and feel it and trust that this is all in HIS plan. God is good!

So, here I am sitting in the movie theatre a bit stressed and hearing this again at the beginning of Soul Surfer.

Then, I thought about the interview we did in the morning with the real Sarah Hill and how I was so proud of her from being from San Diego and I remembered all that she talked about and how she ended up in Hawaii to give hope to others by being a youth minister.

I felt okay again about life and I felt like my troubles and worries were nothing compared to what I was about to watch on the big screen.

I learned in the movie that sometimes you can look at something too close and to better understand things look at it from another perspective.

I started to look at my life through another perspective and then I felt more blessed than stressed.

The movie not only put me back in the right frame of mind and got me better focused with everything, but the story of Bethany Hamilton also touched my two children, Eddie and Vanessa.

Eddie was inspired about Bethany’s love for surfing, because Eddie is doing the same stuff Bethany was doing but with a skateboard. He was inspired by her desire to get sponsored and to become pro no matter what it took. I know both Eddie and Vanessa were inspired by Bethany’s love for surfing and that she had to re learn how to do it a different way.

I also saw in Vanessa’s eyes the appreciation for WORLD VISION as Bethany and Sarah traveled to Thailand to help with the victims of the tsunami. It made me want to go on of those trips to Swaziland that WORLD VISION and HEART FOR AFRICA do all year long. I would love for Vanessa to do that.

I just loved this movie and it helped me more than I ever thought it would. The movie spoke to me at a time when I was needing someone to talk to.

This movie is great and if you have kids, it’s the perfect movie to take them to.

If you need some inspiration or a good halftime speech, then go see SOUL SURFER!!!!!

We’re all struggling along in life, but we are all going to be okay. I heard a friend of mine say the other day, LIFE IS HARD. Yes, but it’s hard for a reason and one day we will all know why!

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  1. Diane says:

    I’ve been following you along with your walk with God and you got it! The eyes of your heart are open and your faith is growing.


  2. lori says:

    I took my son to see the movie after you recommended it via FB. It was great and well cast. I realized that after 25+ years as a business exec I went to grad school to become a marriage and family therapist BECAUSE I didn’t want people to have to endure the hardships of losing everything (meaning my family) in a divorce. I am 6 weeks away from graduating and was starting to lose sight of the forest through the trees. Thanks for the movie recommendation; I can manage the next six weeks. xox Love you, Tommy


  3. Melissa says:

    Tommy, Thanks for the reminder about Jer 29:11. Our neighbor ‘s lovely, 19 year old son died this week, and we’re all struggling with sadness and loss. I needed to hear, once again, that He’s in control.


  4. Dave says:

    Amen. Can’t wait to see the movie!


  5. Marie King says:

    Wow Tommy, I was feeling stressed about life this morning too, there is so much to do, bills bills and more bills, having been unemployed for 2 years, loosing our home, we now rent, one of my sons is in Afghanistan right now, I have 2 sons in the Air Force and a 16 yr old son still at home. I worry all the time, but after listening to you, i felt some of that stress leave my body and I felt hopefull and realized that the things in life that really matter, have nothing to do with money….I am really blessed, just didnt know how much till now. by the way we are now renting a nice little house down the street from your station, and I have been employed for 4 months, and God willing, my son will be home from Afghanistan the first week of July. Thank you for your words….I love all of you guys and consider you my second family 🙂


    1. Little Tommy // Jeff and Jer Showgram says:

      Wow, Marie: I was actually feeling a little stressed about things this evening and then I went to the computer to do some work and came across your message. It actually lifted me up as well. SO, THANK YOU. You should stop by one morning. Tommy


  6. Lynn says:

    My son went to see the movie Sat with the kids ministry from our church. He loved it. He is 11. They have a Bible study program that goes along with the movie that we are going to start using with the kids. I love your blogs you always express whats on your heart and they are things we all go through all the time but we just need to remember to release it all into HIS hands. Some times we just don’t want to let go. Let GO and Let GOD!!


  7. Debbie says:

    Tommy, so blessed to read your words here. Worry is something our hearts and the enemy give us to get us to focus on ourselves, you chose to look at your children and found that you and them will be taken care of. His plans are for us all. We live in the PQ area because we lost our home and worry was filling my heart but God took care of us and gave us a beautiful condo to live in. He knows and cares. To hear Sarah is from here too, wow. May you continue to walk with the Lord and trust in Him always.


  8. timothy parrish says:

    I truly enjoy the movie called SOUL SURFER, I have not surfed in 10 years and now I want to get back to Surfing bcos of the movie


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