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Thank you for listening, and for caring. When I said on the air that I come back to work humbled and appreciative, I need to tell all of you how appreciative I am that anyone would ever care about the life and goings on of an overweight, flawed, average guy from Wooster, Ohio. I am not extraordinary, but I am so thankful that God gave me a heart and ability to share my ordinariness in a funny, honest way. So…on with “Life at the Detrows” in the past 17 months.

First, the highlights on everybody, and then a little movie of our journey to adopt the newest Detrow, Mia.

OK, first me. Well, I got my tattoo fixed! I had admired the work of Alessio Ricci at Avalon 2 in North Park, so I went to him with an idea submitted by one of our listeners, and went from this:

bad tattoo pix Catching Up With Jeff

to this

new tattoo pix Catching Up With Jeff

It’s still the same message, with the cross and my hometown, “Never forget where you came from, never forget where you’re going.” But it now has elements of the Great Seal of Ohio. Thanks Alessio. I’m coming back soon for my new one on the other arm. Here’s my new idea:

name tattoo pix Catching Up With Jeff

Now for the rest of the family:

Katy is still teaching school in Ohio. And she gave us a beautiful present! Annie joined her brother Finnigan on May 9th, 2010.

katy and annie Catching Up With Jeff

annie pix Catching Up With Jeff

finn pix Catching Up With Jeff

Cabot married Ceborah, and they moved to Escondido! Woohooo! They’re both working for Chase Home Finance in Rancho Bernardo. Check out these wedding pictures!

wedding pix 1 Catching Up With Jeff

wedding pix 2 Catching Up With Jeff

Mark is a Sophomore at Torrey Pines. Go Falcons!

mark pix Catching Up With Jeff

Laura is a Freshman. She made cheer!

laura pix Catching Up With Jeff

Elisabeth is a fourth grader. Liz also cheers for those Falcons.

liz pix Catching Up With Jeff

Leroy Brown had a fun birthday in September.

leroy pix Catching Up With Jeff

And Kristen. Well, she wakes up every day to the call “Mama!” from down the hall, and that is the sweetest thing ever!

kristen pix Catching Up With Jeff

These 17 months of unemployment have been well used in my life. The hardest of the times have been times that I’ve been taught the biggest lessons. I used to say “Maybe the best thing God could do for a person would be to take it all away.” I think that was only something I said… lip service. It’s one thing to say it, but another to live it. I am glad I lived that lesson. I learned this simple lesson, and it applies to everything; I learned to put value in the things that can never be taken away. My wife, my kids, my family, my friends. I took too much of that for granted. I learned to love, really love, my wife, like I have never loved before. Kristen and I became inseparable as I learned to fully give myself as I never have before. Not for a moment did either of us walk through this by ourselves, we held hands and went together. She and the kids stood by me and believed in me without fail through it all. They never doubted that we’d be back and that I’d be there for them.

That lesson was enforced to an even deeper level when we traveled to Ethiopia. Mia is from one of the poorest areas of one of the poorest countries in the world. Yet, everywhere we went in Ethiopia, the people were happy – no, they were more than happy, they were joyous. I realized more than ever before that the “things” of this world add nothing to our joy. We believe that they do, even if we say we don’t, and we are believing a lie. They can bring happiness, but there is a difference between happiness, which is temporary and depends on circumstances and joy, which does not.

As I said in my first blog, I have come out of this 17 month lesson humbled, eager and appreciative. We are ready to start from zero and earn your support. We are ready to make you laugh, to make you think, to speak to your heart, and to hopefully be invited into your homes, cars and workplaces to try to make a difference in your lives.

I am also appreciative that the people on our show made the sacrifices they did so that we could all stay together. I love my work family and I will never walk through that studio door in the morning without gratitude again.

Like I said during Jerry’s update. Our ability to be blessed is inversely proportional to the tightness of our grip on the things of this world. I am blessed beyond description by six kids with beautiful hearts (my biggest prayer) and by a wife who enjoyed as much as I did our “Practice retirement.” I look forward to the day when she’s my full time job!

So, please allow the Detrows to share our biggest journey of the last 17 months: our journey to Mia…

Click here to read Mia’s Story for our junior listeners…

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  1. kate says:

    you guys are awesome! what a blessed little girl! we said the same thing on our adoption video – people asked us ‘why russia – because our son was there’ =)


  2. Sandy says:

    That is the most beautiful story…May the Lord Bless you and your family. Thanks for sharing your love with all of us…you help our hearts to grow.


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